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How to Level Up Skills in Throne and Liberty Fast

Upgrade and level up your skills!

Kaylee Nancarrow



Throne and Liberty: How to level up skills

Throne and Liberty is a fantasy MMO role-playing game that takes place in the open world of Solisium. Upgrading your skills is one of the best ways to become a stronger and tougher character

That said, leveling up your skills is a costly and time-consuming exercise, which means you’ll have to plan ahead. Within the next few pages, we’ll explore the secrets to leveling up your skills fast in Throne and Liberty

How to Level Up Skills Fast

Throne and Liberty -Skills tree

Before we can take a closer look at how to level up your skills, there are a few game mechanisms you’ll need to understand. There are two types of skills:

  • Active  
  • Passive 

These skills are then divided into three subcategories indicating the quality of the skill:

  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)

Every skill has to be upgraded 5 times before it will change the quality to a higher rating. A number will appear next to the skill indicating the level of the skill, as seen in the image above.

Special Skill Books

Special Skill Books upgrade your skills. There are two types of skill books you can choose:

  • Training Books
  • Improvement Books

Training Books are needed to upgrade your active skills while improvement books are needed to upgrade your passive skills.

To upgrade your skills you will need to use the appropriate quality of books. Apart from trying to upgrade an uncommon active skill, it requires an uncommon Training Book. The higher your skill levels go, the higher the book requirements, so you’ll need to acquire many Books.

That said, there is more than one way to acquire Special Skill Books in Throne and Liberty. You can acquire them through main or side quest rewards, by crafting them, or through earning them from completing contracts.

Completing Contracts

Completing contracts and participating in Dynamic Events are the most common methods used to acquire Special Skill Books. 

Dynamic events in Throne and Liberty

The secret to leveling up your skills fast is to choose the contracts that reward you with Special Skill Books and complete them. Equally, you can also craft these if you don’t want to farm contracts.

Crafting Skill Books

Crafting Special Skill Books

If you’re tired of completing contracts, why not just craft the skill books yourself? Aside from farming these contracts, it is also efficient to learn crafting. You can craft a Skill Book and upgrade your skills. To do this, you will need a fair amount of Parchments and Marind! 

You can earn Parchments and Marinds by:

  • Ranking high in PvE (Peace) events
  • Competing in PvP (Conflict) events
  • Farming open-world dungeons
  • Competing in Guild events
Skills Researcher NPC

While holding the loot in your hand, find the skills researcher NPC located in the Vienta Village, shown in the image above. There you can trade your materials with her and craft your Special Skill Books.

Swapping Skills

Instead of crafting skill books or completing contracts, it is possible to swap skills with the Skills Conversion Book.

You can use the Skill Conversion Book to transfer a level of your most advanced skills to a different skill. By using this method, you’ll be able to instantly upgrade your new unlocked skills, without having to complete contracts.

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