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How To Get All Bikes In Cyberpunk 2077 | Locations & Guide

Stick it in the ignition!

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how to get all bikes in cyberpunk2077 locations guides

In a bleak and dying world where turmoil runs rampant around the streets of Night City to the point of normalcy, one might ask “What else can I store in my garage?” If you’re not busy trying to hopelessly take down zaibatsu’s and megacorps you might as well go around town in style! It’s all about acceptance after all so why not look good in the process? The problem is you’re looking for a two-wheeled motor vehicle in a city that has six districts, worst part is you don’t even know if you have to go as far as the Badlands to get one.

Cyberpunk 2077 | How To Get All Bikes Locations & Guide

Now if doing a little bit of exploring is what you’re after getting all the motorcycles that have a functioning engine should be no problem for you. We’ll start with the one that requires the least amount of effort to get. Here’s hoping you’re fine with getting road rash!

Jackie’s ARCH

how to get all bikes in cyberpunk2077 locations guides2

Spoiler alert! Jackie dies. With that out of the way, Delamain will ask you what to do with your friend’s body. If you take him home to his family his mother will let you take his bike from the garage. Send him to Viktor and she will leave the bike in front of your apartment, might as well make a personal visit while you’re at it.

ARCH Nazaré Racer

how to get all bikes in cyberpunk2077 locations guides3

Another easy acquisition, the ARCH Nazaré Racer will become available to you upon reaching Street Cred level 40. Upon reaching that the bicycle will be offered to you by a fixer and you can buy it over at North Oaks in Westbrook for 138,000 Eurobucks.

ARCH Nazaré “Itsumade”

how to get all bikes in cyberpunk2077 locations guides4

Rewarded for doing The Highwayman sidequest, you will find this marvel of engineering parked inside a garage on the Northside of Watson next to the All Foods Plant. If doing a sidequest is not your idea fun then you can also try entering the four digit password 0214 on the keypad to the right.

Brennan Apollo

how to get all bikes in cyberpunk2077 locations guides5

This one will become available to you once you reach a Street Cred level of 30. Sebastian Ibarra will offer it to you for 94,000 Eurobucks, get it at the Dicky Twister nightclub over at Heywood. It would be a sin to not get it!

Brennan Apollo “Scorpion”

A modified version of the Apollo, an off-road rear-wheel drive motorcycle complete with weight reduction to help with acceleration. If you finish the main story quests Lightning Breaks and Life During Wartime respectively then Panam will simply hand it over to you.

Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X

how to get all bikes in cyberpunk2077 locations guides7

It wouldn’t be a proper Cyberpunk game without an Akira or Ghost in the Shellreference, and you only need a Street Cred level of 12 to be able to acquire it from Wakako. You can find this at a parking lot near Skyline & Salinas in Japantown of all places. And that’s all the bikes you will ever need! With the CT-3X in hand you practically won’t even have a use for the others. But it’s your collection after all so go out there and get sliding!

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