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Guild Of Guardians: Everything You Need to Know | Gameplay & Guide

Guild of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG that allows you to earn while you play. Here’s all the information you need to know about this upcoming game.




Guild of Guardians is an upcoming mobile RPG that’s developed by Stepico and published by Immutable. It’s a play-to-earn mobile NFT game in which players are able to turn their passion for gaming into assets. The game itself is a multiplayer fantasy action RPG where players can collect heroes and create their own team of “Guardians” to take on various quests and adventures.

Let’s dive deeper to know more about what this game has to offer.

Everything You Need to Know about Guild of Guardians

According to its developer, Guild of Guardians will allow players to turn their passion for gaming into assets. To achieve this goal, the game will be centered around the following aspects:

  • Play-and-earn mechanics – Players can play the game for free and will have the chance to earn tokens and NFTs as they play
  • Great accessibility – The game will be available on both Android and iOS, making the game easily accessible to just about everyone
  • Community-driven incentives – The game will be designed to reward avid gamers while supporting creators who participate in the game’s metaverse
  • Fun gameplay – At its core, the game is designed to provide fun and compelling action gameplay that involves RPG elements, strategies, and a dynamic trading system

How the Game Works

As a player, you’ll need to create a team of heroes to take on adventures in dungeons. Your heroes will be tasked with collecting various resources which you can then use to create items and even heroes which you can sell for real assets.

You are free to choose your heroes based on your preferred playstyle. Each hero is assigned a specific role including DPS, tank, support, or healer.

As a multiplayer game, you’ll be required to join a Guild alongside other players who will contribute to completing in-game challenges. This keeps the game fun and engaging since players will be interacting with each other through various missions.

You can also increase the number of rewards you get by taking part in group activities.

How to Earn Money

You can earn money while playing the game through various activities such as:

  • Hero Merging – This involves merging several heroes into rare ones and then selling them to the marketplace. Do take note that you can’t trade common heroes in the game.
  • Guild Crafting – You can craft NFT items alongside your guild members via the Guild Crafting function. You’ll first need to collect resources from dungeons to be able to craft. After that, you can then sell your crated items in the marketplace, and the profit earned will be distributed to guild members based on their contribution.
  • Leaderboard Prizes – Guild of Guardians will hand out rewards to players who are included in the leaderboard every season. This is designed to make the game engaging and competitive at the same time.
  • Daily Gems Rewards – You can also get Guild of Guardian tokens whenever you complete daily quests.

As of now, there’s no specific date for the game’s release. However, the developers mentioned that they are targeting to release the game by early 2022.

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