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Grounded: How to Get Mosquito Blood Sack

Where to find and how to get Mosquito Blood Sack




A Mosquito Blood Sack is a resource that is dropped from Mosquitos and Tiger Mosquitos. Blood sacks are required item to unlock the Healbasa, which is a useful healing item that can heal both players and creatures.

Healbasa is unlocked by analyzing the Mosquito Blood Sack. Here’s a guide that will help you to find this resource.

How to get a Mosquito Blood Sack in Grounded

First you need to find a Mosquito or a Tiger Mosquito. Mosquitos are found near the Koi Pond, on the Flower Bed, and in both of the Flooded Zones. Tiger Mosquitos are found all throughout the upper yard, but they are more dangerous than regular mosquitos.

The Mosquito will always attack players on sight, and while they are persistent, they will never dive underwater to follow the player. You need to let the creature attack you in order for their sack to be filled with blood. Once their sack is filled with blood it will turn red, it means that they have blood stored in them. Kill the it in order to harvest the blood sack.

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