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Grounded: How to Find Moths and Defeat Them | Moth Armor Set

The Moths are one of the many creatures you can find in Grounded, and you’ll need to defeat them in order to obtain the materials you need for the Moth Armor set.




You will come across various creatures during your campaign in Grounded. Most of them are normal bugs that appear as giants to you after shrinking. Needless to say, you’re going to hunt most, if not all, of these creatures in order to obtain materials for your gear.

One such creature is the Moth which drops materials that you need to craft the Moth Armor set. However, hunting a Moth can be a bit challenging.

In this guide, I’ll show you where you can find Moths in the game and how you can defeat them.

How to Find Moths and Defeat Them | Moth Armor Set in Grounded

Moths are a new creature that was added into the game in the 1.0 update which is essentially the game’s full release. So if it’s been a while since you played the Early Access version of Grounded, then you’d be surprised to find this one in the game.

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That said, moths normally spawn in the upper portion of the yard.


Specifically, you can find a moth on top of the Frankenstein castle which you can find right outside of the house. However, you’ll need to cross it by building a simple bridge you can get to the other side. The problem is that this place is infested with Tiger Mosquitos which you have to take down so you can cross safely.

As soon as you made it to the castle, you’ll want to make your way up by climbing the stairs. At the top of the castle, you’ll find a small tower. The moth is right on top of it just sleeping. You’ll need to aggro it by shooting some arrows and hope that you manage to hit it.

Be careful though, as the moth is a tough creature to fight. So if you don’t prepare in advance, you might end up dying in the fight. Once you manage to defeat the moth, it will then drop materials like the Moth Scale and Moth Fuzz.

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Crafting the Moth Armor Set

Now that you have the crafting materials, all you need to do is craft the Moth Armor set. The full set will require the following:

  • 2 Moth Scale
  • 12 Moth Fuzz
  • 10 Lint Rope
  • 5 Pupa Leather
  • 4 Pond Moss

In case you’re wondering, the Moth Armor is a tier 3 armor that grants bonuses to your bow and staff attacks. Specifically, they give your weapons a chance to apply bleed when hitting enemies.

As a light armor, it only provides minimal protection at a 10% damage reduction. It does provide the Wind Run effect which increases your movement speed after hitting an enemy with a ranged attack.

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