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Grounded: How to Defeat the Mantis Boss and Get Mantis Kebab

The mantis is required to be defeated for its summoning item The Mantis Kebab




The Orchid Mantis is a large creature boss which you need to defeat to get the Orchid Mantis Kebab, a special item that allows players to spawn the Mantis boss on the eggs in the flower pot.

It is one of the toughest bosses in the game, so here is a guide on how to defeat the Mantis Boss and get the Mantis Kebab.

How to Defeat the Mantis boss and get Mantis Kebab in Grounded

The Mantis Boss is situated near the shed in the flower pot. Before engaging with the Mantis you need to get the recipe for the Kebab. Before that, you need to unlock the Oak Tree Laboratory which is unlocked by pressing the red button for the secret laboratory in the Oak Tree. There, at the top you will find the recipe.

The Mantis Kebab requires 5 Broodmother Chunk, 2 Fire Ant Head and 1 Wooden Splinter. Broodmother Chunk is lotted from the Broodmother, the Assistant Manager of the Mantis.

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How to defeat the Mantis Boss

The most proficient weapon for the Mantis is the Tier 3 Axe with salt, since it is weak to chopping and salt. Upon summoning it doesn’t do much damage, so try to hit it a number of times at the beginning. Try to hide behind the flower and stay away from its powerful claws, because if it hits you can suffer too much damage.

Another attack you need to avoid is the pollen which will slow you down and make you vulnerable to its claws. Try to hit it as many times as possible in between the attacks. It has three phases so it’s not easy but with good tactics it certainly can be defeated.

How to get Mantis Kebab

Bellow the Flower Tree you will find some Mantis Kebab, or you can craft it with the required items in the oven

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