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Grounded: Find the Terminal Password Guide

Find all the answers inside the Hedge Lab while you explore with the danger of different creatures inside.




Making your way up to the Hedge Lab can be considered as one of the most exhausting and challenging journeys you will ever encounter while playing Grounded. All the ziplines and traversing on top of thin branches will be worth it once you finally reach the laboratory. However, you still have to turn on the power when you get there.

Turning on the power of the whole Hedge Lab will require you to enter the password to the computer. But you will not have it with you initially. You have to go over the other rooms and sections of the Hedge Lab to look for the Terminal Password. But make sure that you are prepared and well-armed because of the roaming creatures that you can encounter.

The problem is the password is not a whole piece that you can get with one glancing. You will have to complete the torn pieces of paper where the password is written.

To make it easier for you to find the locations of each piece, we made this article for you.

Find the Terminal Password Guide in Grounded

For you to complete this mission, you have to finish the last mission which is finding the Terminal Password to power the whole laboratory. However, it is scattered in the area, and it is your task to collect all of them to know the password.

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To start the task, move next to the computer and hit those keys to have access to other rooms inside the laboratory. Now, let’s get moving and find the pieces of passwords around.

From the room, you have landed initially, go through the only door that has opened. On your way there, you will encounter spider webs blocking the way.

The only thing you can do with it is smash it so you can go through. Continue walking until you reach the Analyzer Room. Head straight and you will notice a large strip of paper with 58 written on it. Approach and take it.

From the location of the first code, face the southeast direction of the room. You will see an opening and a zipline. On your spot, you will see a berry blocking the path as you ride the zipline. Make sure to knock it off first before you ride the zipline.

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Otherwise, you will be the one knocked off by the berry. You can destroy it by throwing a pebble or by shooting an arrow. After that, you can now take the zipline carefully and head down to the next location.

After you slide down, you will land in a room with a lot of spider webs. Walk straight and you will see the big piece of paper with UR written on it. After that, head to the next door covered in spiderwebs. Remove the spiderwebs and pass through that door.

Upon entering the door, you will see two spider egg sacs. From there, you will see two paths—one from left and the other to the right—go to the left side. Keep walking and you spot another zipline going to the next station.

When you get off from the second zipline, you will find an open room with storage boxes. From there, you will see the next piece of code with t19 written on it. Now that you have the next piece, look down the room below the big branches.

On the right side, you will see a door that will lead you back to the previous room with two spider egg sacs. But this time, head to the right path. Upon reaching the room with grass, it will reveal two paths from both left and right. Go to the left path.

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Once you reach the room, keep facing forward and you will see another zipline which end on a large branch. Cross the branch and jump onto the thinner branch which will lead you above one of the rooms.

Drop yourself inside from the hole above, and you will see the next code with y written. This will be the last piece of paper we are looking for.

From the direction where you got the code, enter the door on the left side. You will see a clogged web here blocking the way, so you just have to destroy it to pass through. Keep walking until you enter two consecutive doors, and you will be back from where you are earlier.

At the center of the room, you will see the computer. Simply access it and you’re done with the task.

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