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Granblue Fantasy Relink: All Wee Pincer Locations in Chapter 2

For all the completionists out there




One of the many collectibles you can find when playing through Granblue Fantasy: Relink is Wee Pincers. These little collectible items are hard to find not only because of their size but also because they are sometimes hidden from plain sight.

In total, Chapter 2 of the game has 7 Wee Pincer’s. We will be looking at how to find all 7 of them in the chapter.

All Wee Pincer Locations in Chapter 2

The 7 Wee Pincers on this list are all in the order that you find them. Wee Pincer #1 is the first one you will find, and #7 is the last. Other than Wee Pincers, you can also find other items you can loot in this chapter like chests.

Wee Pincer#1

first wee pincer marker

The first Wee Pincer is located right at the beginning of the chapter. As soon as you exit the ship, follow the marker for the main quest.

first wee pincer on the ground

You will find the Wee Pincer on the ground just before the small passing you need to go through for the main quest.

Wee Pincer #2

marker showing where to go after entering the hills

After crossing through the small passing, you enter “The Hills” area. Head straight left as soon as you enter “The Hills” for the second Wee Pincer.

second wee pincer

The Wee Pincer will be resting upon a wooden platform at the edge of the hills.

Wee Pincer #3

opening to find the third wee pincer

Keep following the main quest marker, and you will come across another passing. From here you will be able to see a small opening to your right. This opening doesn’t lead anywhere, but it is where you will find the 3rd Wee Pincer.

third wee pincer

Right at the edge here you can pick up the Wee Pincer.

Wee Pincer #4

wooden bridge to cross and turn right from

For the fourth Wee Pincer, straight after crossing the wooden bridge in the image above, head right.

fourth wee pincer

Upon turning right, you will be able to pick up the Wee Pincer from the edge of the cliff shown above. The Wee Pincer is hidden behind a few boxes and barrels.

Wee Pincer #5

fifth wee pincer

Head back towards the main quest marker for the Next Wee Pincer. On your path you will be able to pick up the 5th one to your left. The image above shows the exact place where you can find this Wee Pincer.

Wee Pincer #6

sixth wee pincer behind broken wooden items

Once you enter the “Zeghard Fortress” area, you will be able to see a bunch of broken wood items to your left. You can find the Wee Pincer hidden behind these broken items.

Wee Pincer #7

where to find seventh wee pincer

Near the end of the chapter you will come across an area from where you have to drop down. Just before that you can find your last Wee Pincer lying on the floor.

seventh wee pincer

The Wee Pincer might be a little hard to see because of a shadow there. Once you’ve picked that up, you can go on to finish the chapter.

If you happen to miss a Wee Pincer when playing through this chapter or any other chapter in the game, you can always simply go back to a previous location or chapter and pick up the Wee Pincer’s.

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