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Granblue Fantasy Relink: How to Unlock Weapon Ascension

Ascension weapons are the Blacksmith’s finest!

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Granblue Fantasy Relink: How to unlock Ascension Weapon

Ascension weapons in Granblue Fantasy: Relink is amongst the most powerful, second only to Terminus Weapons. Each character has their own, and they can be Awakened to become even stronger!

Ascension weapons are forged at the blacksmith, but before you can unlock them there are a few things to complete. In this guide, we’ll explain all there is to know about Ascension Weapons and how to unlock them.

How to Unlock Weapon Ascension

Claidheamh Soluis- Ascension Weapon

Ascension weapons can be unlocked at the blacksmith after completing the main storyline in the game. Once the credits have rolled through and you’ve completed Chapter 0, the blacksmith crafting list will be updated with Ascension weapons for every character.

That said, crafting Ascension weapons requires some rare material that can be obtained by completing quests on Very Hard Difficult or above. Additionally, you’ll also need a Champion Merit to forge these weapons of destruction.

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