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Granblue Fantasy Relink: All Chest Locations in Chapter 2

Don’t miss a single chest!




One of the many things you will find throughout Granblue Fantasy: Relink are chests. Upon finding and opening these chests, you will be rewarded with a ton of loot.

In Chapter 2, there are a total of 20 chests. While some might come right in front of you during your mission, there are many that are hidden away.

We will be looking at where you can find each chest in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, so that you don’t miss any.

All Chest Locations in Chapter 2

If you have gotten all the collectibles in Chapter 1, you’ll be finding a lot more in chapter 2. In this one, we have 20 chests in Chapter 2.

The 20 chests on our list are in order of when you find them in the chapter. Chest #1 is the first chest you find, and chest #20 is the last one.


Chest 1

To get to the first chest, head to the edge of the cliff marked above. You will be able to see this as soon as you start this chapter.


Break the boxes in front of you to get yourself the first chest.

Chest #2

Chest 2 location

Continuing on in the chapter, you will need to jump down onto the cliff marked above. You will find this towards the left when you enter “The Hills” area.

Chest 2

On the cliff, you will be find a silver chest near the edge.

Chest #3

Chest 3

You will find the third chest in your path when following the main quest markers.

Chest 3 Open

Chest #4

Chest 4 Location

Opposite where you found the previous chest, you will need to drop down from the edge marked in the image above.

Chest 4

Down here you will be able to find another silver chest. Once you have looted the chest, make your way back up and continue on your path following the markers.

Chest #5

Chest 5

The next chest is a wooden chest that you will find near the door of a house. This house will be towards your left and is pretty isolated, making it stand out.

Chest #6

Shrouded Treasure

Next, you will come across a Shrouded Treasure. This can be found on your path, close to the area you found the 5th chest.

Chest Shrouded

Getting the Shrouded Treasure is fairly straightforward. You will need to collect all the purple Mirage Stones within a specific time limit.

Later on in the game, some of the Shroud Treasure challenges do become difficult, but this one is very easy to complete.

Chest 6

Collecting all the Mirage Stones will reward you with the first golden chest in this chapter. Golden chests are extremely valuable, as they drop increased loot and can also drop special items like Sigils.

Chest #7

Chest 7 location

The 7th chest can be found on the destroyed building you needed to go on to complete the Shrouded Treasure challenge.

Chest 7

On top of this building, you will find the chest near the edge.

Chest #8

Chest 8

Keep climbing up from the building which had the 7th chest, and you will reach this cliff above. There will be another golden chest here right at the top of this cliff.

Chest #9

Chest 9

Continue your journey, and you will eventually come across a wooden bridge. The 9th chest will be straight to your left from this bridge.

Chest 9

You will be able to find the chest on top of the left-most burning house here.

Chest #10

Omen Stone

Similar to the Shrouded Treasure, you will need to complete a small challenge at Omen Stones for a reward.

This time though, you will need to actually fight and kill enemies instead of collecting stones.

Chest 10

Once you complete the challenge, you will find the chest at the same place the Omen Stone was.

Chest #11

Chest 11

From the wooden bridge where you went left for the 9th chest, you will need to go right to find the 11th chest. This small wooden chest will be in one of the destroyed buildings.

Chest #12

Chest 12

A little bit more to the right from the previous chest, you will be able to see a cliff in the distance. Head towards the cliff for the next chest.

Chest 12

The chest will be at the edge here, overlooking a section of the settlement.

Chest #13

Chest 13

This chest will be a little bit hidden away behind a waterfall. You can get to this waterfall by dropping down from the cliff where you found the previous chest.

Chest 13

Once you get close to this waterfall, you will be able to see the golden chest behind it.

Chest #14

Chest 14

The 14th chest can be found on top of the small house next to the waterfall.

Chest 14

Climb on top of this house to find yourself a silver chest.

Chest #15

Chest 15

Within the same small area where you found the previous 2 chests, you will also be able to find a Shrouded Treasure. The second one you encounter, this one will require you to do the same thing as the first.

Chest 15

Once you complete the time trial, you will be rewarded with another golden chest. This Mirage Stone challenge is a bit harder than the first, but you still get plenty of time to complete it.

Chest #16

Chest 16

For this next chest, you will need to go all the way back to the wooden bridge you encountered before the 9th chest. There is a chest underneath this bridge.

Chest 16

Keep climbing down, until you reach a silver chest. This chest is easily missable, as its very well hidden underneath the bridge.

Chest #17

Chest 17

Near some small pine trees on your path, you will be able to find a small wooden chest. These trees will come in your way towards the main quest marker.

Chest #18

Chest 18

To earn this chest you will once again need to complete the Omen Stone challenge.

Chest 18

Defeat the enemies within the challenge to earn yourself the last golden chest of this chapter.

Chest #19

Chest 19

Right in front of the Omen Stone location, you will find the second last chest near a big wooden gate.

Chest #20

Chest 20

The final chest of this chapter can be found once you enter the “Zeghard Fortress” area. This chest is located right next to the area from where you have to drop down for the main quest.

Chest 20

Looting this chest will mean you will have found and looted all chests in this Chapter.

Other than chests, there are also plenty of other collectibles in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, so be on the lookout for them.

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