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Granblue Fantasy Relink: All Chest Locations in Chapter 4

More chests please




In chapter 2 of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, you engage in an Airship battle against a bunch of hostile Airships. The chapter is very action-packed and a lot of fun, but there aren’t a lot of collectibles or treasures for you to find in this chapter. In fact, there are a total of just 2 chests in this chapter.

Our guide will be looking at the location of these 2 chests and how to find them.

All Chest Locations in Chapter 4

Both of the chests that you find in this chapter are golden chests. The first chest is a standard golden chest that drops more loot than regular chests and gives you an additional item.

Looting the second chest though will give you a much more valuable item in the form of a weapon for one of the best characters in the game.

Chest #1

marker showcasing the chest location upon boarding second ship

You will find the first chest in this chapter on the second ship you board. The layout of the second ship is the same as the first one you board.

Once you board the ship, head left to get to the chest.

first chest

As soon as you turn left, you will be able to see the chest here. The golden color of the chest makes it extremely easy to spot and loot. Once you are done looting this chest, continue the mission.

Chest #2

Where to go once boarding third ship

The other chest in this chapter can be found on the third ship you board. After boarding the ship, you want to make your way to the far end of the ship. This is indicated in the picture above.

second chest behind large enemy

There you will encounter a large enemy, behind whom you can find the second chest. Similar to the first one, this chest is also quite easy to spot due to its golden color.

You can just run past the enemy and pick up the item. This might lead to you taking some damage, but it shouldn’t be able to kill you. You can take the safe route and just deal with the enemy before looting the chest.

Wheellock Axe drop from the second chest

Inside this chest, you will find a cool weapon called the Wheellock Axe. This weapon is for the character Rackam and can be equipped for him once you finish the mission.

After looting this chest, you can focus on the main quest and finish the chapter.

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