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Final Fantasy 7: How to Defeat Terror of the Deep Boss

A flying sea creature !?




During chapter 4 in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you will come across the Terror of the Deep. This large aquatic boss must be defeated to progress the story.

For an early-game boss, the Terror of the Deep can be quite challenging. It can deal loads of damage, and alongside that, it is also quite quick. Fortunately for you, we have put together a guide that should help you take on the Terror of the Deep and make quick work of it.

How to Defeat Terror of the Deep Boss

Like a lot of boss fights in this game, the Terror of the Deep is a very fast-paced boss fight. The boss is going to be very aggressive towards you as soon as the fight starts. For this fight, we recommend you have Cloud, and Aerith in your party.

In terms of weaknesses, the boss is mainly weak to the lightning element. Having it with you in your arsenal is a must for a fight like this.

Characters to Have in Your Party


aerial combat with cloud

Cloud’s ability to fight enemies in the air is the main reason you will want him. Despite the aggressiveness of the boss, it is most vulnerable when you try to fight it in the air. You can deal a lot of damage to the boss like this and at the same time, avoid taking damage.

Other than that, Cloud can also deal a good amount of ranged damage. If you want to take the boss head-on, then Cloud is the best option. His ability to utilize air combat is just too good to pass over.


damaging the boss from range with aerith

Using Aerith can be as effective as Cloud, but your playstyle will need to be a bit different. Instead of taking on the boss head-on, you can utilize Aeirth’s ranged damage.

Aerith is the best champion for ranged damage at this point in the game. Most of the boss’s attacks also become much easier to dodge the farther away you are. You will get more time to react and dodge.

How to Handle Terror of the Deep Attacks

The boss is extremely devastating if you stand in front of it. It can deal extremely high damage very quickly. If you do manage to dodge its attacks, you will get a good window to land counter hits.

the bubble that incapacitates your character

Other than that, the boss has a devastating projectile that puts you inside a bubble. During this, you will be incapacitated.

To get out of the bubble, another character in your party must destroy the bubble.

cutscene in the middle of the fight

Halfway through the fight, a cutscene will start and the boss will go underwater. During this time, you will need to dodge the attacks that it does from below.

After a short while, the boss will appear again and the fight will continue

Terror of the Deep Weaknesses

pressure bar underneath the health bar

The main weakness of the Terror of the Deep is Lightning. You can use lighting-based damage to pressure the boss and fill up its Pressure Bar.

Pressuring a boss in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is very useful, as this makes them vulnerable and they take more damage.

Taking advantage of the Terror of the Deep’s weakness and having the right characters makes the overall fight much easier.

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