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FIFA 23: Sharing is Caring Trophy Guide

Sharing is Caring is a trophy in FIFA 23 that you can unlock by buying any shareable item in the VOLTA shop.




There are several achievements and trophies that you can unlock in the new FIFA 23 game. One of them is the Sharing is Caring trophy. Of course, if you’re a completionist, you’ll want to complete all of these trophies. Luckily, this one isn’t that hard to get.

Let’s find out how you can unlock it.

Sharing is Caring Trophy Guide in FIFA 23

In order to unlock the Sharing is Caring trophy, all you need to do is to head over to your main menu and click on the Volta Shop option. Here, you can find a ton of cosmetics that you can buy using FIFA points.

The good news is, your balance is shared between VOLTA Football and FIFA Ultimate Team.

Credits: Griffins Gaming Guides

Aside from FIFA points, you can also use VOLTA Coins to buy any of the items in the shop. Now, all you need to do is purchase any of these items in order to unlock the trophy. You can earn these VOLTA Coins by participating in VOLTA matches and completing weekly objectives.

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