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FIFA 23: Life-Like Achievement Guide

Wondering how to obtain the “Life-Like” FIFA 23 Achievement without having to actually play through an entire season as a manager?




The “Life-Like” achievement in FIFA 23 calls for you to “Complete a season with a real manager and his original team.”

For those looking to jump into the game without having to play through as a manager, we’ll got a Life-Like Achievement Guide that can tell you how to score the achievement without worrying about a single game. All it will take is 3 or 4 minutes of your time.

Life-Like Achievement Guide for FIFA ‘23

You’ll want to ensure you start up with a new season in FIFA ‘23 and head on over to creating a new manager. However, from here, you’ll want to select the option to “Play as Real Manager.”

You can pick any manager from the list – in this case, we’ll select Eddie Howe, for example.

Once on the manager’s screen, select the option for “Advance.” You’ll want to continue through the next screen as well – these options are not relevant to actually obtaining the achievement in FIFA 23.

To obtain the achievement this way will not require playing through an entire season, but can still net you the achievement within 3-4 minutes.

You’ll then want to head over to the calendar, “Weekly Schedule.” Once in the training day specifics, press R1 on your controller for PS5/XBOX players.

This will then bring up the entire calendar.

Once in the full spread calendar, you can skip through the entire season. You’ll receive a prompt that indicates: “Advancing the date by this method means you will miss out on the most vital messages about the club. In addition, all your matches will be simulated and team management will be handled by the assistant manager.”

Select ‘yes’ if you wish to continue.

It will then automatically play through until the end of June – netting you the trophy/achievement. You’ll just have to wait a couple of minutes for the cycle to automatically run through the entire season as it goes through day by day.

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