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Enshrouded: How to Get Infinite Loot and Respawn Chests

Waiting is for losers, anyways.




There are a few different methods of gathering resources and loot in Enshrouded. You can loot crates and boxes, you can kill enemies and loot them too. There are also chests found in certain areas that contain extra goodies.

There are only a certain amount of resources and loot to gather in an area, however. This is a problem because once you’re done with an area, you have to move to the next one. That can be far away sometimes.

It takes two in-game days for materials to respawn regularly. That’s very slow and boring though, so how can you bypass this wait time?

How to Get Infinite Loot and Respawn Chests

All you need to do to get infinite loot and respawn chests in Enshrouded is to restart your game

After clearing out an area for the first time, simply go to the pause menu. Choose the second last option from there. Click “Return to Main Menu”.

Pause Menu in Enshrouded

From here, just return to your game world like you would normally. 

Play your world in Enshrouded.

When you load into the world now, you will find that everything has respawned. This includes chests, dropped loot, and enemy spawns. This is an excellent trick to speed up your farming routine, make good use of it!

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