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Enshrouded: How to Enter the Springlands Ancient Spire

The Springlands Ancient Spire mystery solved!

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Enshrouded: How to Enter the Ancient Tower

Enshrouded launched 2 days ago and it is already a big hit in the gaming community. This survival action RPG brings many different genres into one comprehensive whole and delivers a truly unique gaming experience never before seen when it comes to these types of games.

On top of this, the game is filled with mysteries, caves, dungeons, and ancient ruins to explore. One such mystery is the Springlands Ancient Spire. Dive in as we explore what this tower is and how to enter it in the first place with this step-by-step guide designed just for you!

How to Enter the Springlands Ancient Spire

First things first, we need to get the right equipment for the Springlands Ancient Spire. It is kind of mandatory for this one. It goes for the rest of the other Ancient Spires like the Low Meadows Spire waypoint.

Grappling Hook

The Ancient Tower in Enshrouded
Source: Joe Hammer Gaming

Do note that before you even attempt this quest, you need to have a Grappling Hook with you. To craft one, you need a Workbench, 4 Metal Scraps, 7 Strings, and 10 Shroud Spores.

Enshrouded Grappling Hook

Springlands Ancient Spire Location

The Springlands Ancient Spire is one of the best locations where you can salvage valuable items and resources early on. It has the potential to give you some very powerful items once you loot all the chests. The contents of the chests are randomized so we cannot predict what it is you will get.

Now, simply follow the waypoint and enter the Ancient Spire (also referred to as the Ancient Tower).

Upon entering the spire, you will see a red teleport point, go straight to it and ascend to the next level. Now head to your left and toggle the contraption as indicated in the screenshot below to open the door and loot your first chest.

Enshrouded 1st door

Now go back to where you started this level and head right up the stairs. Use your grappling hook to get across and ascend to the next level.

Road to the next level

Do note that if you go past the red teleport point on this level, and head down the stairs, there will be another chest for you to loot on the bottom.

2nd treasure chest

On the next level, go up the scaling wall, and shoot the contraption mechanism as indicated in the screenshot below. This will open up the door to the next level for you.

Shooting the lock mechanism

The next level is either very straightforward or very tricky, depending on whether you want to bother with hidden chests or not.

In case you do, follow the traps and press the lock mechanism (you need two for this door) to open up the locked door leading to a treasure chest.

In the screenshot below you can see 3 pillars standing in the lava. You want to head to the left pillar and scale the wall behind you to reach the 2nd lock.

When you finish collecting everything, simply head to the red teleportation point and ascend to the next level.

3 pillars

The next level is the top of the Ancient Spire and here you can “Commune with the Flame”. Once you do this, this point will become a fast travel location and you can use your glider to explore the map further from the top. Knowing that you can fast travel back anytime.

Top of the Ancient Tower

With this, you have completed the Springlands Ancient Spire and can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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