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Elden Ring: How To Get NEW BEST Greatsword

The rarest legendary colossal sword with a steer strength scaling can only be found in one location.




The Watchdog’s Heavy Greatsword is a colossal weapon highly recommended for builds that mainly focus on Strength. Although not a unique weapon, it is excellent for attacking multiple enemies simultaneously with a single swing. This weapon only requires 30 Strength and 10 Agility, making it a good weapon for Warrior, Hero, and Vagabond builds.

How to Get New Best Greatsword in Elden Ring

The Watchdog’s Heavy Greatsword scales off Strength and is a recommended weapon for killing many enemies at once. It can be easily found in its location, but the Watchdogs can be hard to kill. Find out where to find this weapon below.

Finding the Watchdog’s Heavy Greatsword

The weapon can be found by killing the two Watchdogs at the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs. Follow the road until you come across enemies and a Fire Prelate. Turn to the right to find the entrance.

Once you’ve entered the dungeon, you’ll come across a lift that will take you down, activate it, but get off immediately. Another lift will be there beneath you. If you take that lift down, you will reach the area with the two Watchdogs. After defeating two of them, the weapon will be dropped.

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