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Elden Ring: Best Armor With Special Effects Guide | Hidden Benefits

In Elden Ring, many Armors have hidden special effects and benefits that players often overlook.




Elden Ring features a wide variety of weapons, spells, talismans, and armor sets for the Tarnished ones to utilize and create their build. Armor, in particular, has a lot of special effects and hidden benefits players don’t fully make use of. If you want to know the best Elden Ring Armor with special effects, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Armor With Special Effects Guide in Elden Ring

There are so many options for Elden Ring’s armor, all with their unique and overwhelming stats and numbers. For the Tarnished, it’s a difficult choice with many factors, such as utility or whichever looks the coolest.

Well, if you’re one of those who want the best armor that comes with special passive effects beneficial to your build, this article will teach you which ones to choose.

Armor with Special Effects

Source: Youwy

Protecting your Tarnished’s life is just as important as increasing their damage. It wouldn’t make sense to have a full damage build, and only be able to take one hit.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to hit two birds with one stone: choosing the right armors with special effects that can protect you and boost your damage at the same time.

The best armors with special effects are the following:

Armor for Spells

Alberich’s Armor Set (except the leg piece): boosts thorn-based or blood-based incantations up to 8 or 9%

Snow Witch Hat: boosts cold-based incantations by 10%

Radiant Gold Mask: boosts golden order incantations by 10%

Crucible Axe Set and Crucible Tree Set: boosts aspects of crucible incantations by up to 8%

Incantation Scarab: reduce FP cost of incantations by 15%

Armor for Weapons and Items

Spellblade’s Armor Set: increases damage of Glint Blade or Glintstone weapon skills by up to 8%

Shining Horned Headband: increases damage of Ancestral Infant’s Head

Ash of War Scarab: decrease FP cost of skills by 15%

Regeneration Armor

Royal Remains Set: gives 2 HP per second health regen once character drops below 15% health per armor piece

Crimson Tear Scarab: increases the benefit of healing flask to 10% more health

Damage Armor

White Mask: increase damage by 10% for 20 seconds after inflicting blood loss

Mushroom Crown: increase damage by 10% for 20 seconds after inflicting poison on yourself or nearby allies

Stat Increase Armor

Karolos Glintstone Crown and Olivinus Glintstone Crown: gives +3 Intelligence

Silver Tear Mask: gives +8 Arcane

Okina Mask: gives +3 Dexterity

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