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Diablo Immortal: What to Do After Level 60 | Endgame Guide

The best way to become stronger in Diablo Immortal is to reach the maximum level, but what else could there be once you get to level 60?




Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal is an action MMORPG available for mobile devices. Play as one of six classes and team up with your allies to combat the evils that await you in this game.

The most excellent approach to defeating your enemies is to reach the maximum level as quickly as possible. However, what happens after you reach Level 60 in the game?

Endgame Guide in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, reaching level 60 signifies that you have completed the storyline and conquered the final boss. But the game isn’t over yet; there’s still plenty to do.

Unlike some other games, Diablo Immortal offers a large amount of content available to players once they reach the endgame. This guide will show you what to do once you’ve reached Diablo Immortal level 60.

Endgame Guide

There are a lot of quests and dungeons that you need to complete first to unlock other vital activities. A few things become available when you reach Level 60 in Diablo Immortal.


Here are some things you should do at max level:

Legacy of the Horadrim Quest: You can find this in your quest log with a green background. This mission unlocks an important Daily Activity that improves your stats.

Main Story Line: If you’re one of those players who level by simply spamming dungeons, go back and finish at least the main quests. You need this to unlock the hell difficulty.

Join a Faction: Join either the Shadows or the Immortals, one of the two factions. The advantages of joining these factions are significant, and if you plan on participating in PvP tournaments, this is a requirement.

Endgame Gear: Run a few dungeons on Hell difficulty to obtain more powerful loot. Since it’ll be one of the things you’ll perform for grinding and game gear.

Rifts: Rifts are Chaos Dungeons or the Cube, where you fight creatures till the bar is complete, then proceed to the next level, which is harder but offers more significant prizes. After completing the fifth level, you will receive better rewards, including additional experience and upgrade materials.


There are also Daily Activities that you should do. These are the following:

First Kill of The Day and Daily reward: Open the store menu and collect the free daily prize as soon as you log in, then kill one monster to earn your first kill of the day reward.

Weekly Helliquary Bosses: You should be able to kill the helliquary bosses at least twice a week. You’ll be awarded a new trophy and a combat rating bonus if you kill it for the first time.

Daily Activities: Before collecting your rewards from the codex, you must first earn 120 battle points. You can perform this assignment while doing other things. If you run out of time or cannot complete other tasks, go solo run the fastest dungeon you can until you have enough battle pass points to do this.

Cycle of Strife: Increasing your faction’s rank will provide you with solid prizes. Most of these activities are PvE focused and are designed to be done with many players or as a faction.

Zone Events: For every two hours, you should pause what you’re doing to accomplish three of the timed events, which include a PvP arena in Bilefen, the haunted carriage in Ashwold Cemetery, and the ancient nightmare in Mount Zavain.

Kulle’s Hidden Chambers: This event takes place in the Library of the Zoltun Kulle, where you must search the library for lost pages, which, once collected, will form a portal tome that will open a portal to the hidden chambers, where you will face a challenge that will award you a chest containing enhanced dust and equipment jobs.

Bounties: You can do up to 8 bounties per day; the rewards aren’t spectacular, but they provide a good amount of cash and experience. While completing the daily bounties for extra battle pass points, ensure you’re collecting up the monstrous essence.

Dungeons: If you still have time after completing all of these six activities, now is the time to spam dungeons. This is the most efficient way to increase paragon levels and obtain materials for upgrading your equipment, which is essential for character development. You will also be able to get a few legendary items if you play long enough.


Of course, when it comes to late-game content, there is also PvP.

Battlegrounds is a daily 2-hour 8v8 event. Players are divided into two teams. The attackers must destroy the ancient heart while the defenders must guard it, and the team that completes their mission first wins the match.

Every three hours, the Ancient Arena opens, and this game mode is a free-for-all PvP event in which all players fight it out until the last man is standing. You won’t be able to utilize healing potions outside of combat, but you will be able to use bandages. Several of your PvE constructions and skills will cause less damage to players. As a result, you’ll need to modify your character for PvP and much more.

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