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Diablo Immortal: Most Powerful Necromancer Build | Endgame Build Guide

Builds play an integral role in Diablo Immortal, and one of the best and most powerful builds you can use revolves around the Necromancer class.




The Necromancer has always been a very powerful class. In Diablo Immortal, it’s capable of dealing damage from a safe distance and supporting allies from afar. You can choose to play a support Necromancer or an attack Necromancer by summoning hordes of very powerful summons.

Either way, it’s no secret that Necromancers are quite strong. That said, if you’re looking for the most powerful Necromancer build you can use in Diablo Immortal, then this is the guide for you.

Most Powerful Necromancer Build in Diablo Immortal

There are several ways to build around the Necromancer class, but if you’re going solo, then the most powerful build is the Summoner Necromancer.

This build makes use of Command Skeletons to deal massive damage to a single target. Meanwhile, it uses Command Golem for crowd control and Skeletal Mage for massive AOE damage alongside Dark Curse.

Since Necromancers are quite squishy, this means the focus of this build is to buff your summons as much as possible. All you need to do is command them during battles and make them as powerful as they can be.

What Legendary Items to Aim For

As you reach the endgame, you’ll want to look for Legendary items to enhance your skills and provide you with legendary powers. As for the Summoner Necromancer build, you’ll want to farm the following legendary items:

  • Visitant’s Sign
  • Guided by Maggots
  • Baleful Trinity
  • Desolatoria
  • Linger-Mantie
  • Exhumant’s Backbone

Legendary Gems

As for the gems, you’ll want to look for the following legendary items:

  • Blood-Soaked Jade
  • Chip of Stone Flesh
  • Echoing Shade
  • Frozen Heart
  • Howler’s Call
  • Seeping Bile

Best Armor Set to Use

To complete the build, you’ll want to use a specific armor set designed to enhance the overall power of your summons. By far the best set for a Summoner Necromancer is the Shepherd’s Call to Wolves set. With this set, you’ll be able to receive the following effects:

  • 15% more damage for your summons
  • 3% increased Critical Hit Chance for every summon you have, up to a maximum of 18%
  • Grants the Frenzied state to your summons for 10 seconds whenever they deal a critical strike. While in the Frenzied state, they deal 100% more damage and have 100% more attack speed.

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