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Diablo Immortal: Best Ways to Get Legendary Items as Free-to-Play

Legendary items are not easy to get, however there are certain ways on how to get it without paying for it, here’s how;




Diablo Immortal is a loot-based game – that enables players to level up and increase their power as they progress. It relies on the gameplay where the players need to earn experience points to increase their level, increasing their level means, earning new skills and upgrading of skill that will boost their power.

Aside from leveling the character, you also have to equip better and decent armors and tools.

How to Get Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal as Free-to-Play

As a loot-based game, players rely on the power given by the equipment that they can get while progressing in the game.

Each piece of equipment has its own unique power and additional scores for the player – allowing the players to look for legendary items. However, these items were not easy to obtain. Still, you can obtain different items and probably get legendary ones by;

  • Killing monsters
  • Killing dungeon bosses
  • Trading
  • Getting rewards from PVP’s
  • Treasure Chest Hunting
  • Battle Pass Rewards
  • Seasonal Events
  • Challenge Rewards

Defeating Bosses

In order to move forward, reaching a certain level is necessary for a player to reach the highest difficulty of the game, allowing them to loot more powerful items.

Aside from completing quests that will give you different types of rewards killing dungeon bosses is one of the effective ways to loot legendary items. Bosses have higher chances of dropping legendary items, than grinding on regular ones.

Participating on Events

Aside from killing monsters and bosses another way to get legendary items are by; participating in different types of events that you will encounter on your journey.

There is a popular event that allows players to gain legendary items aside from Haunted Carriage – Ancient Arena, which is a PVP type of event, where players participate in free-for-all PVP matches. These matches allow the winning player to get a chest that drops legendary items.

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