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Black Desert Online: How to Restore Max Durability

How to keep your gear at maximum durability

Kaylee Nancarrow



Black Desert Online: How to Restore Max Durability

In Black Desert Online your armor and gear are vital to your survival and combat in the open world. As you explore the world of Black Desert and fend off dangerous creatures, your gear will begin to degrade.

Eventually, over time, your equipment will become useless when its durability hits zero. That said, there are a few things you can do to restore the durability of your gear. Here are some of the ways to restore maximum durability.

How to Restore Max Durability

The maximum durability of a weapon decreases every time you do poorly on it. When the item reaches zero durability it loses all purpose until it is restored.

To restore an item’s maximum durability you will need to have the same item in your inventory without any enhancements. However, it will now render the item useless.


Blacksmith Black Desert online

To restore an item’s maximum durability, you will need to go to the blacksmith. Select the “repair‘ and ” maximum durability restoration.” Insert the item you wish to be restored into the “recovery targeted equipment” position, and insert the item that is to be forfeited into the “materials” position, as seen in the image above.

Then to approve the restoration select the “recover max durability” option. This will then restore the item’s maximum durability by ten.

Item Artisan

You can also restore your weapon’s maximum durability with the Artisan’s Memory. You can purchase the item at the local store or pearl shop. Using this item will increase your items maximum durability by a factor of three. If you use it on boss armor that contains memory fragments, it will increase maximum durability by three.

Maintain your weapon’s durability and it will never become useless!

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