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BDO – Guide To Underwater Gathering Gear

If you’re trying to get into BDO’s underwater gathering but you aren’t sure which gear you need, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide we’ll make a short list of all the gathering gear you’ll need to start.




bdo guide to underwater gathering gear

Ocean content in BDO has been somewhat forgotten from what I’ve seen, but has recently gotten some well-deserved love from both the community and the developers.

Many things have been updated, a handful of examples would be:

  • Health potions can no longer be used to stay underwater for longer
  • Drowning is also no longer possible and instead, upon running out of breath, you automatically float up to the surface
  • Introduction of swimming stamina – once depleted, you get a debuff so you’ve to spend time on the surface for your stamina to regenerate and the MS debuff to be cleared
  • Double the breathing – you can now breath for 60 seconds while underwater

Guide To Underwater Gathering Gear – BDO

If you’re okay with purchasing items from the Pearl Shop, you can buy the Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set or the Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set (each set costs 2200 Pearls) that’ll considerably increase your swimming speed (+90%). If you don’t want to spend Pearls however, there are great alternatives for both increasing your movement speed and prolonging underwater breath time.

bdo guide to underwater gathering gear2
These are obviously the simplest, shortcut type of option, but they’re not required nor the only option.

Below are some of our recommendations:

  • Luck Helmet, Armor & Shoes of Fortuna (3-Piece Set Effect: Movement Speed +3 points)
  • Magic Crystal of Infinity – Submergence – you can equip 2 with your Luck Shoes of Fortuna
  • Splash Swimming Goggles – craftable in the Level 2 Costume Mill, this Appearance Head slot adds +20 seconds to your ‘Underwater Breathing’ plus you can pair it for +4/6/8 piece set effects
  • Seahorse Diving Hat (if you got it from Water Events) / Vadabin Diving Mask (+15 seconds)
  • Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes – Movement Speed +2, Gathering Ability +2

If you’re still finding yourself running out of breath, try to get some consumables such as food or elixirs to increase your ‘Underwater Breathing’ even further.
For food we recommend Belanos Meals, The Meat Sandwich or Hard-Boiled Shellfish.
For elixirs we recommend either the Agile Seal Elixir (+90 seconds) or the Elixir of Seal (+60 seconds).

Take your time to explore and enjoy the ocean, and as Dory said: just keep swimming!

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