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All Necromancer Recipes In Spellforce Conquest Of Eo

The Convocation is a lie!

Alexis Ongsansoy



all necromancer recipes in spellforce conquest of eo

The game has changed and now you’re out to take over all of Eo before Rohen decides to hit the redo button somewhere and force everyone to start over. We weren’t kidding when we mentioned changes as the newest installment of SpellForce now has turn-based strategy elements! Mouse clicking over the fog of war will be the least of your problems as you now have to worry about hex grids and Necromancer Recipes. You’ll have nothing to worry about though as we’re here to help you out with the latter!

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo | All Necromancer Recipes

Assuming that you went ahead and chose Necromancer for your current run, we’ll go ahead and list down all the recipes that you might miss as there is quite a sizeable amount to go through. There’s about 20 of them so let’s break it down!

all necromancer recipes in spellforce conquest of eo2

So of course being a Necromancer requires you to know how the Soul and Ingredients work. To put together a unit you need to choose two to three Ingredients to match the threshold of that unit. For example if you need three orange to make Skeleton Warriors you go and grab a Tier One Soul and fill in the rest. Remember, match the colors!

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Now with that out of the way time to get elemental! Below is a list of the units and their corresponding thresholds, which would be Elemental (Orange), Death (Purple), and Arcane (Blue):

Tier One

  • Skeleton Warriors – 3 orange
  • Skeleton Archers – 3 purple
  • Undead Mage – 3 blue

Tier Two

  • Flayed One – 6 orange
  • Skeleton Riders – 3 purple and orange
  • Vampire Acolytes – 3 orange and blue
  • Plaguebearers – 6 purple
  • Tormentors – 3 purple and blue
  • Wraiths – 6 blue

Tier Three

  • Deathknights – 9 orange
  • Banshees – 6 orange and 3 purple
  • Emissary of Calamity – 6 purple and 3 orange
  • Haunted Armor – 6 orange and 3 blue
  • Reapers – 3 orange and 6 blue
  • Draugr Giant – 9 purple
  • Blood Golem – 6 purple and 3 blue
  • Vampires – 3 purple and 6 blue
  • Spectres – 9 blue
  • Lich – 3 orange, purple, and blue
all necromancer recipes in spellforce conquest of eo3

We did mention twenty and if you counted we’re one short. That’s because ghouls require nothing to make. You now have your own Necromancer cheat sheet, don’t forget to choose the correct Soul for the unit you’re creating. Now go out there and slay the living!

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