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Throne and Liberty: Guild System Explained

Get the ultimate guild rewards!




Throne and Liberty features an intricate guild system for players to explore. You can join these guilds with other players for PvP gameplay, or if you just want the rewards. To get the most out of the guild system, you have to interact with every facet of it. Here are all the mechanics you need to learn from Throne of Liberty’s guild system.

Guild System Explained

The Guild System can be broken down into three major parts. The donations, skills, and benefits or rewards. We will be talking about each one of these, and more, so you know exactly how they work.


To keep your guild functioning well, you need to be making donations. These donations can be in the form of the following resources:

  • Gold
  • Manasteel
  • Mystwood
  • Rune Leather
  • Pure Gold
Donation in Throne and Liberty

You will also receive rewards for donating resources to your guild. 

Guild Skills

For every few levels your guild levels up, you will receive some very useful rewards

Guild Skills in Throne and Liberty

These rewards are temporary buffs most of the time. For example, you can boost your ranged damage or your XP gain for a while. As you gain higher guild levels, you will get better and better skills. These skills are worth the investment.

Guild Contracts

Guild Contracts are missions that you and your guild members can all do together. These have unique benefits as well, of course. 

Contracts in Throne and Liberty

These usually involve killing mobs and enemies. These are meant to be done by every member of the guild and will take a long time to do solo. 

Guild Benefits

Guild Benefits are rewards that you get as you level your guild up. These usually give you some “content”, as well as skills and buffs. The content is just quests and raid opportunities. The skills are the same as what we discussed previously. 

Benefits in Throne and Liberty

Buffs are permanent upgrades that can affect different things. You can get XP bonuses, mana regen bonuses, and increased defenses, for instance. 

If you are someone who likes to play games with other people, you’re gonna love the guild system. Guilds are all about working with other players, so teamwork is the priority. If you play well and help your guild out, you’re amply rewarded. So join a guild, and get grinding!

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