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Is EA Sports PGA Tour Better than PGA Tour 2K23

Can’t decide which golf game to buy? Let us help you out.




Golf fans eager for a video game of the sport have two big options to choose from currently: EA Sports PGA Tour and PGA Tour 2K23. But which one is better?

It’s a bit hard to objectively tell which of the two games is better, honestly. They both have a different approach to golf, which may attract or deter different types of players.

So instead, we’ll give you a quick rundown of each game to let you choose for yourself. Read on and let’s dive into it!

Overview of EA Sports PGA Tour

Source: EA SPORTS PGA TOUR on Steam

EA Sports PGA Tour is the newer game, releasing this April. Since it’s so new, it does suffer from having some bugs and glitches early on. Hopefully, these will be patched quickly, but keep it in mind.

That aside, the game itself is quite fantastic. It offers an approachable golfing experience that is trying to please most gamers.

It provides a solid arcade-like experience, while also having a harder mode for players who prefer more simulation-oriented gameplay.

However, its simulation aspects aren’t quite as fleshed out as the more hardcore golf players might wish.

We recommend EA Sports PGA Tour mostly to more casual gamers, or those wanting more relaxed arcade-like gameplay.

Overview of PGA Tour 2K23

Source: PGA TOUR 2K23 on Steam

PGA Tour 2K23 was released in October 2022. Thanks to that, a lot of its rough launch bugs have been ironed out by now. This is one advantage it has over EA Sports PGA Tour.

The game is also basically the opposite of EA Sports PGA Tour: this is a full-on golfing sim. This makes it a game primarily aimed at hardcore golf fans who want a realistic simulation of the sport.

It absolutely does an amazing job at it, too! Hardcore fans have been greatly pleased by the depth and quality of the game as a golfing sim.

From calibrating your swing to choosing specific settings that can improve your swing, the PGA Tour 2K23 offers a lot more options than EA Sports PGA Tour.

The one thing, however, is that players dislike the game’s monetization. The game itself is fantastic, but some of the business practices leave a lot to be desired.


In the end, we can sum things up like this: get EA Sports PGA Tour if you want a more casual-friendly game; get PGA Tour 2K23 if you want hardcore realistic golf sim.

Whichever one you pick, you will get a fantastic golf game. It’s just that each one attempts to do things somewhat differently.

We hope this helps you out deciding which game to play!

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