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Total War: Warhammer 3: When Will Mortal Empires Map be Available?

The highly anticipated feature combining the maps of all Total War: Warhammer games is in the works. When will it be released? Here’s what we know.




Creative Assembly, the developers behind the Total War series have confirmed that the game is going to feature a gigantic map combining all three games into one, dubbed by the fans “Mortal Empires”, after a similar DLC in Total War: Warhammer 2. But the fans still have no idea when will it be released…

When Will the Mortal Empires Map be Added to Total War: Warhammer 3?

Unfortunately, so far there is no official premiere date for the Mortal Empires map. However, the developers have confirmed that it is in the works.

We do know that it will be released as a free DLC and that you will need to own all three Total War: Warhammer games on a single platform in order to play it.

The “Mortal Empires” map added to Warhammer 2 has been released a month after the games premiere, so it’s possible we won’t need to wait long, but that’s an assumption at best.


For some time, fans have started calling the elusive map “Immortal Empires”, both to distinguish it from the map added to Warhammer 2 and because that title seems to fit better for an extension of a final game in the trilogy.

On top of that, one fan made an interesting discovery as soon as the game was released. They pulled a provenance and region list from the game files, and noticed that it features 192 provinces across 508 regions, while Warhammer 3’s map has only 71 provinces and 226 regions. So, these could be the blueprints of the Mortal Empires map, giving us a good idea of just how big the map is going to be.

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