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Rainbow Six Siege: Overview of the Upcoming Thatcher Rework

Several operators will be reworked throughout Year Seven of Rainbow Six Siege, modifying their particular talents to produce a more balanced game.




Siege offers an extensive roster of operators, each with its extraordinary power or gadget. Some operators are highly efficient, while others might use some improvement. As a result, multiple operator reworks are being introduced in Year 7. This new update makes it easier to operate your electronics.

Overview of the Upcoming Thatcher Rework- Rainbow Six Siege

The Siege developers have confirmed Valkyrie, Zero, Bandit, Dokkaebi, and Thatcher will be reworked in Year Seven, giving them better features. Here we will be looking at the overview of the upcoming Thatcher rework. 

Deactivation of Electronic Devices

Thatcher knows the danger of being too dependent on technology. So it uses an EMP grenade that deactivates all the electronic components in its explosion radius to level the playing field.

Thatcher is the main enemy of any operator where his skills are the use of electronic devices. Thatcher has three electromagnetic pulse grenades called “EG MKO-EMP” that can deactivate any electronic device in a specific area.

The new upgrade makes it work higher than in the previous update. The devices that it can deactivate are Smoke gas grenades, Mute inhibitors, Kapkan traps, Jäger ADS, Bandit batteries, Valkyrie chambers, Gu Lesion mines, Ela Grzmot mines, and C4 explosives.

It also deactivates surveillance cameras without affecting the attacking devices, so technically, this weapon makes him a ghost while he attacks.

Different Stages of EMP

Thatcher’s EMPs will have various stages with different radii, starting from really small to the current one. It takes 7 seconds to charge fully. 

For a better and broader range, you have to cook the EMP in the handle before you throw; you keep it for a little longer than 6 seconds, then toss. 

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