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How to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Server Connection Error on Your PC

Ubisoft servers are at it again…

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How to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Server Connection Error on Your PC

Imagine a scenario where you’re playing a ranked match in Rainbow Six Siege and it’s 4-4 on the scoreboard. The next round determines the winner and if you win, you will progress to a higher elo. All of a sudden, you get the Ubisoft Server Connection Failed message and you are disconnected from the match. Pretty annoying isn’t it?

If you’ve played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege before, then you know just how buggy and unreliable Ubisoft servers can be. From connection issues to lag spikes, everything happens in the worst possible moment.

Luckily, there are 3 ways you can try to fix this issue and avoid being disconnected in crucial moments of the game.

Rainbow Six Siege from Steam

VPN Connection

One of the easiest ways to fix the Rainbow 6 server connectivity issues is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By using a VPN, you establish a secure, encrypted connection that is sure to fix your connection errors and/or lag spikes in the match.

Firewall Exceptions List

The most common issue players face, often without even realizing it, is Server Connectivity issues due to your firewall or AntiVirus program. To mitigate this, you will have to add Rainbow Six Siege to the exceptions list on your Windows Firewall

We will provide the steps on how to do this so be sure to follow along:

Step 1

In the search bar in the bottom left corner of your screen (right next to the Windows icon), type in “firewall” and select the Windows Defender Firewall from the menu as shown in the screenshot below.

Windows Defender Firewall

Step 2

Now you will have to click on the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall”.

Windows Defender Firewall menu

Step 3

Finally, you can go ahead and click on the “Change Settings” button and tick the box next to the Rainbow Six Siege executable file in the list you see in front of you. This will add the game to the Windows Defender Firewall exceptions list and your connectivity issues should now be resolved.

Remember to click OK to save the changes you made before exiting the Windows Defender Firewall settings.

Windows Defender Firewall settings

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

Sometimes, the issue regarding Server Connectivity is nothing more than corrupted and/or missing game files. You will not know whether or not this is the case until you verify the integrity of your game files. To do this, run Steam with Administrator rights and go to your Library.

From here, navigate to Rainbow Six Siege and right-click on it. Click on Properties next.

Steam properties menu

In the Properties menu, go to Installed Files and click on “Verify integrity of game files”. Steam will then run a scan of Rainbow Six Siege files and make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be. Any corrupted or missing files will be fixed or added thus fixing your game.

Remember that once the verification is complete, you will have to restart your PC.

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