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Mount and Blade 2 Bennerlord: Beginner’s Guide to Get You Started

Kick off your road to Empire domination with this Beginner’s Guide




Mount and Blade 2 is renowned for its complex strategic medieval elements. Players can RPG their way into taking over the entire empire through their ingenuity and wits alone. Gather resources and companions and fight or accomplish your way to the top.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But hold your horse’s young warrior, although there are many ways to win in Mount and Blade, there are also a thousand ways you can die and fail in this game. Going into this game without any sort of guide is like asking a toddler to read a novel before learning the alphabet.

There are many things to know before you should jump in, especially if you’re new to the franchise. Here is the definitive beginner’s guide to getting you started on Mount and Blade 2.

7 Beginner Tips You Need to Know for Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

These are 7 early pieces of information we were able to gather on Mount and Blade 2. Before you go headfirst into the fray, remember to apply these tips when you start your first campaign.

1. Campaign or Sandbox?

There are two main modes in the game, Campaign and Sandbox modes. Campaign mode has a set main quest of the timeline to follow. For such a large game with a lot to do, this is a blessing since this provides structure.

Campaign or Sandbox Bannerlord
Image credits: Stratgaming

Sandbox mode has a lot more freedom in determining your character so it’s a good mode if you’re looking to have fun.

2. Top 3 Cultures to Pick

There are 6 Cultures to choose from for our character. Newer players have no idea what each culture entails. So here are the 3 best cultures for starters.

Top 3 Cultures to Pick Bannerlord
Image credits: Stratgaming
  • Aserai – perfect for a trade-focused campaign. It has a reduced price for caravans and a reduction of trade penalties
  • Vlandians – for combat and adventure build. This culture provides a starting +5 more renown
  • Battanians –  50% less penalty moving in forests, making you very fast in defense and offense

3. Character Build Basics

Character builds are dense. The best advice for choosing a character build is to choose the playstyle that you most personally enjoy.

Character Build Basics Bannerlord

It’s also generally better to specialize in two attributes rather than a single one.

4. Party Roles

The four-party roles for companions are:

  • Quartermaster
  • Engineer
  • Surgeon
  • Scout
Party Roles Bannerlord
Image credits: Stratgaming

Check the encyclopedia to assign the perfect companion for each role. For example, a party member with 60 medicine would be perfect as a surgeon.

5. Importance of Renown

On the clan tab, you can check your renown level on the upper right. Leveling up your renown is vital since it provides you with several benefits such as:

  • Make your own kingdom
  • Becoming a Mercenary
  • Make more workshops
  • Increase party size
  • And more

6. Party Size

 Increasing party size is essential in increasing your strength. Aside from leveling up your renown, you can use the Steward skill. It grants 1 plus party size for every four levels.

Pick this up if you want to enlarge your party size as much as possible

7. Combat Tips and Money Management

Image credits: Stratgaming

For melee, there are two ways to wield your weapons, onehanded and twohanded. One-handed is the safest to use.

Attack damage for melee is good but swing speed is better. On foot, it’s important to stay with your shield wall. Stay patient and killing opportunities will come when the formation crumbles, giving you the opportunity to flank.

For mounted use a Thursted pull arm. While on the mount, make sure to keep moving so you don’t become an easy target

For ranged weapons, start with a bow and arrow or crossbow. Positioning is important as an archer, beginners start as low levels so it’s harder to hit long-range shots than mid-range.

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Evil West Starter Guide – Everything You Should Know Early On

Welcome to the bloodthirsty Old West!

Nicole Barelli



evil west starter guide everything you should know early on

After cinematic and gameplay trailers that impressed the players, Flying Wild Hog’s Evil West released on November 22, 2022. Set in the gripping jaw of the Old West, players must fight, alone or in co-op, hordes of bloodthirsty vampiric monstrosities and kill them in gruesome ways! If you’re among those who can’t wait to put your hands in the game, here’s a starter guide to get you started!

Everything You Should Know Early On – Evil West Starter Guide

The game starts with simple tools for you to play with, but soon the game starts boasting its cool mechanics.


Ranged combat is going to help you kill a lot of monstrosities. It plays like any other shooter, but a good tip to keep in mind is the yellow circles that appear on enemies: you’ll want to shoot it.

Hitting this weak point will interrupt the enemy’s attack and deal critical hit damage, so show no mercy!

The Gauntlet is your trusted friend, and the same rule applies here: punch the enemy to prevent them from attacking if you see a yellow circle.

As simple as it may sound, this mechanic will help you later on, so acquire this habit while you’re still in the early stages.

TNT barrels can also be used in your favour. You can not only explode it with your bullets, but you can also launch enemies into things with your punches.

Speaking of launching enemies into the air, this can open more attack possibilities if you combine the launch move if others (shooting, for example).

Don’t worry about consuming ammo since this resource is unlimited. However, guns (and other abilities) will go into cooldown, so pay attention to that.

Another important tool you have is the zapper. You can use it to block (and stun enemies with a good parry), pull enemies to you (also stunning them), or you can use it to warp-strike two enemies at once.

evil west starter guide everything you should know early on3
Source: Boomstick Gaming from YouTube

Your battery icon will determine if you can use certain abilities like the Quake Punch. You can also save until you can activate the special attack which is destructive, to say the least.

Fools with shields might scare you at first, but don’t them! You can destroy their shields the old-fashioned way or lure the beasts into environmental traps like the aforementioned TNT barrels, which will also deal significant damage to the monstrosity.

While fighting the vampires, you’ll inevitably lose health (happens to the best of us!). You have the ability to regenerate health when things get hairy, but finisher attacks also bestow health upon you!

So, whenever a foe turns yellow, you can brutally end them with one of those finishers.


Evil West is quite linear, but there are puzzles and small side quests you can pursue to earn gold or alternative skins for your character and arsenal.

The latter is undeniably cool, but the former is essential for upgrades, which are costly. You’ll find blueprints as you play the game, but you need gold to put those to use. And applying Lightning to your weapons is one of the best upgrades you can make!

You also have a skill tree, which you can unlock depending on your favoured playstyle. And if you feel like your choices weren’t great, you can reset the skill tree.

evil west starter guide everything you should know early on4
Source: Boomstick Gaming from YouTube

And that’s it for this guide! Keeping those tips and strategies in mind will help you through a good portion of the early game.

Thanks Boomstick Gaming for the video! If you wish to see more, please follow the link: Evil West | STARTER GUIDE – Everything You Should Know Early On

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