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Genshin Impact: Echoes of an Offering is Bugged | Why High Ping Players Should Avoid it?

The Echoes of an Offering Artifact set is a powerful set for characters that mainly use Normal Attacks. However, it’s currently bugged as of this moment, something that high ping players want to avoid.




The main reason why lots of players use the Echoes of an Offering artifact set is mainly due to its 4-piece set bonus. While the 2-piece set bonus in itself is already strong as it provides an 18% increase in ATK power, the 4-piece set bonus provides an even higher attack damage increase for characters that use Normal attacks.

The problem is that it’s currently bugged. Let’s find out why.

Why High Ping Players Should Avoid the Bugged Echoes of an Offering Set in Genshin Impact

Normally, the set’s 4-piece bonus grants a 36% chance to trigger Valley Rite when hitting opponents using normal attacks. This effect increases the damage of normal attacks by 70% of your ATK stat. This makes it really strong for characters that mainly use normal attacks like Razor, Ayato, Yoimiya, and Tartaglia.

Once the effect activates, it will then dispel 0.05 seconds after dealing damage with a normal attack. In the event that a normal attack doesn’t trigger Valley Rite, your next attack will have a 20% more chance of triggering it, and this can occur once every 0.2 seconds.

Now, if you’re playing on low ping, you shouldn’t have to worry about this bug at all. HOWEVER, the problem lies when you’re playing on high ping. This is why if you’re a high ping player, you’d simply want to avoid it as the effect procs way less than it should be due to server delays.

What it means is that it will take some time for the server to process your action and relay information to you since you’re playing on high ping.

So what happens is that instead of the effect proccing roughly around 50% of the time on average, you’ll get 20% less chance of proccing it. This means that you won’t be able to get the damage bonus it’s supposed to give you and instead applies it on your next hit.

As such, this can mean a massive damage dropoff, and at this point, you’re much better off using better sets like the Heart of Depth as it provides a more reliable damage bonus increase.

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