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FORTNITE: How to Get Choppa Helicopter | Location

Since the Choppa Helicopter has been released in January, 2021, they have refused to name the location in which there are hidden. Where are these locations?




Choppas are a necessary part of Fortnite. They’re basically helicopters, and there aren’t many of them on the map. Movement gas been made easier ever since the creation of the Choppa, it will assist you in fast moving from one location to another while keeping you safe from danger.

How to Get Choppa Helicopter- FORTNITE

The location of where the choppas are at, haven’t been named yet but they are indicated in the image above.

These Choppas are located in Six Outposts I, II, III, IV, V, VII. These locations are considered landmarks and won’t have their names displayed at the start like named locations.

Outpost I

Outpost I is located in the map’s upper left corner. It is located to the northwest. It is located just above Logjam Lumberyard

Outpost II

Outpost II is located on the map’s left side, facing west. It is located to the left of Command Canvern, just above Camp Cuddle.

When you land there, you’ll circle the mountain until the helicopter appears

Outpost III

Outpost II is located in the bottom left corner of the map, southwest of Greasy Groove. When you arrive, look for a basketball court, and the helicopter should appear there.

Outpost IV

Outpost IV is located on the map’s desert side, in the south region. It is located just below Chonker’s Speedway, close to the ocean.

Outpost  V

Outpost V is located on a small island in the east of the map, surrounded by other islands. It’s on the right side of the sanctuary, above The Joneses.

Outpost  VI

Outpost VI is located in the upper right corner of the map. It is located in the northeast. It is located on the far right side of Sleepy Sound, next to The Daily Bugle.

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