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Enshrouded: Beehives and Beeswax Location

Time to pay the bees’ home a visit!




Beehives can appear randomly in Enshrouded, and they house some important materials like beeswax and honey.

Of course, that makes them quite desirable, but you also have to be careful! Bees are usually ready to defend their home, and they are surprisingly strong in this game.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about locating beehives and beeswax in Enshrouded!

Where to find Beehives and Beeswax Enshrouded

Source: The Ginger Empire

Beehives and beeswax are more or less found in the same place in Enshrouded, as you might expect. The beeswax is inside the beehive, after all! Though the game just calls it “wax”.

Anyway, beehives are commonly found hanging from trees, but their appearance can be random. Sometimes you find none, other times you find trees with three whole beehives hanging from them.

A good spot that seems to have beehives frequently is on this cliff marked on the map above, so it’s a good place to check first!

When you do find a beehive, though, first prepare yourself. After all, bees might attack you for messing with their home! Sometimes you get lucky and they don’t attack but don’t rely on luck.

Once you’re ready, equip a bow or other ranged weapon and take aim at the beehive. Shoot it down and be ready for the swarm!

If bees came out, deal with them. If they didn’t, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Either way, approach the beehive and loot it. You’ll get at least one piece of wax as well as some honey, which you can eat for a stamina regen buff.

Beehives might respawn on the same trees after some days pass in-game, but this seems to be completely up to random chance.

As such, your best bet is to just keep an eye out for trees as you explore Enshrouded’s open world! But at least now you know everything there is to know about beehives and beeswax in this game.

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