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Throne and Liberty: How to Max Your Gear | Blessings System Guide

This pity mechanic can help you get the Traits you want.




Getting the Traits you need to max out your gear in Throne and Liberty can have a chance to fail, but the Blessings System is there to help you out.

The Blessing System can be used to increase your chances of enchanting Traits on your gear. Using it wisely will be key to getting the best Traits without having to spend too much Lucent!

In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of this Blessing system to help you boost your chances when leveling Traits.

How to Max Your Gear Using the Blessings System

The Blessings System is, as we explained before, a pity mechanic related to leveling up Traits.

It’s not used for anything else, but making use of your Blessing Points can guarantee success when leveling Traits!

Basically, you have a random Success Rate whenever you attempt to level up a Trait on your equipment.

This only really applies if the donor item you use is of a lower rarity than your base item, though. Otherwise, you’ll have a 100% chance, no Blessings needed!

If the level-up fails, the donor item you used on your base item will be lost forever. But, to make this a bit less foul for you, your base item will get some Blessing Points to make up for it.

Just in case, the donor item refers to the material item that you’re consuming to level up the Trait.

You’ll get 8 Blessing Points if the donor item was of Rare (Blue) rarity, and 40 Blessing Points if it was Epic (Purple).

Remember, though, you only get Blessing Points if the Trait level-up fails!

This system will mostly come in handy for you to get Traits from Uncommon (Green) items onto Rare (Blue) items, and then from Rare (Blue) items onto Epic (Purple).

How to Use Blessing Points to Guarantee a Success

To use Blessing Points when attempting to level up a Trait, just tick the “Use Blessing Points” box near the bottom of the screen.

You’ll see your new chances under Success Rate as a green bar. This makes it easy to gauge whether or not it’s worth using them!

The amount of Success Rate you get from Blessing Points varies, though. The conversion rate depends on the rarity of your donor and base items, as follows:

  • Uncommon Donor Item to Rare Base Item – 1% Success Rate per Blessing Point. Guaranteed Success when you have at least 90 Blessing Points or more.
  • Rare Donor Item to Epic Base Item – 1% Success Rater for every 5 Blessing Points. Guaranteed Success when you have 450 Blessing Points or more.

Failing a Trait level-up attempt while using Blessing Points will consume the Blessing Points, too. Be warned about that!

We would highly recommend just banking your Blessing Points until you can guarantee 100% Success Rate.

It’s going to require a lot of failed Trait level-ups and enchantments for you to get a guaranteed Success.

Nonetheless, now you know how to use the Blessings System to increase your chances! Make good use of this to get best-in-slot Traits.

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