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NBA Infinite: How to Redeem CD Key

Get a headstart by using CD keys.




CD keys in NBA Infinite can help players get started in the game. These redeemable codes can give you many different players or even gold to purchase whatever you like. As the game is PvP, any help when starting is important.

So how exactly do you redeem the CD keys you have?

How to Redeem CD Keys

Redeeming a CD key in NBA Infinite is fairly straightforward.

main menu of the game with arrow pointing to event option

The first thing you will need to do is head on over to the Event section of the game. You can go to the Event section from NBA Infinite’s main menu, as shown in the image above.

where you need to go within the event section

From the Event section, select the 4th option from the left side of your screen. Selecting this option will let you see “CDKEY REDEEM” on your screen. Click on it and press the go button. You can also see all the rules relevant to redeeming CD keys in NBA Infinite.

cd key redeem menu where you need to enter the cd key.

After clicking on go, you can redeem the CD key by entering it inside the CDKEY box and pressing Redeem at the bottom of your screen.

Make sure that the CD key you are entering here is valid. Each CD key in NBA Infinite will have an expiry date. Trying to redeem it after it has expired will not work. Other than that, you also need to make sure that the CD key you have matches the Server location.

Make sure to redeem all the CD keys you have. Be on the lookout for any keys that have just been released or ones that might be released in the future.

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