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LEGO Fortnite: Where To Get & How To Make Cord

Stop settling for lootboxes. Craft them yourself, and never run out!

Christian Gallos



LEGO Fortnite: Where To Get & How To Make Cord Featured Image

One of the most crucial resources in LEGO Fortnite is a cord, as it’s a requirement for crafting lots of many recipes in the game.

While you can occasionally find them lying around some places, it’s better to know exactly where to get them.

Even better, make them yourself, so you won’t have to risk your life for them anymore!

Where To Get & How To Make Cord

Now, there are two primary methods to obtain cord:

  • The first is by finding it randomly in boxes, but let’s be honest, that’s not the most reliable way.
  • The second and much more dependable method is by leveling up your base. Once you hit around level six, you’ll unlock the Loom recipe.
LEGO Fortnite Cord

Now, among various manufacturing options, the one we’re interested in is the Spinning Wheel, which has pretty basic ingredients:

  • Wood Plank x8 – Needs Lumber Mill.
  • Wooden Rod x5 – Needs Lumber Mill
  • Wood x5 – Pretty much everywhere.
  • Wolf Claw x5 – From common Wolves found in the early forest/woods area of the game. You might want to consider crafting yourself a weapon for that!
LEGO Fortnite Spinning Wheel for Cord using Vines

Not only that, but the Spinning Wheel is also important if you’d want to craft other interesting items like the Glider and Health Charms for more health!

Place a spinning wheel in your base, and you can use vines to craft cords. It’s a simple and effective process.

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