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LEGO Fortnite: How To Increase Item Durability

Items breaking too fast? Try this!




essence table after applying effect LEGO Fortnite

Players will need to rely on a lot of tools and weapons throughout LEGO Fortnite. However, there’s a durability system in the game, so tools and weapons will break after a certain use quota is met. Because of this, there have been a lot of questions regarding whether or not players can repair items in LEGO Fortnite, but the unfortunate answer to those questions is a definite no.

But players can increase the durability of those tools and weapons, which we will be covering today!

How To Increase Durability Of Items

To increase the durability of items, players will need to do the following:

  1. Unlock the Dry Valley (Desert Biome).
  2. Mine Amber ores to get Rough Amber. mining amber ore in LEGO Fortnite
  3. Make a Gem Cutter in order to make Cut Amber. making a gem cutter in LEGO Fortnite
  4. Make a Rare Forest Axe and use it to chop down cactuses in Dry Valley to get Flexwood. chopping down cactuses in LEGO Fortnite
  5. Using x20 Flexwood and x6 Cut Amber, make an Essence Table.
  6. Increase durability with Essence Table.

Just follow the story until you reach the Desert Biome. Use your pickaxe to mine out some amber and make a Gem Cutter. After doing that, you’ll be able to make the Rare Forest Axe.

Once you have the Rare Forest Axe, you can go ahead and chop down the cactuses in the desert biome to get Flexwood. When you have the required amount of Flexwood, which in this case is x20 Flexwood, you can make an Essence Table, but keep in mind you’ll need that x6 Cut Amber too.

And finally, after doing all that, the Essence Table in LEGO Fortnite can be used to increase the durability of weapons and tools!

essence table menu in LEGO Fortnite

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