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Granblue Fantasy Relink: How to Unlock More Sigil Slots

You need more slots if you want to equip all your Sigils!




At the start, you only have 3 Sigil Slots in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, but you can unlock more as you progress through certain quests and learn new Masteries.

Having more Sigil Slots will, in turn, open you up to experiment more with unique builds for your characters. Plus, they’re basically mandatory once you start tackling the higher-difficulty quests.

Eager to start unlocking those extra Sigil Slots? Well, read on and we’ll tell you how to do it!

How to Unlock More Sigil Slots

The first and easiest way to get more Sigil Slots is to complete the various Fate Episodes for each character.

Fate Episodes at the quest counter

These Fate Episodes can be accessed from the Quest Counter at any time. Unlocking the Fate Episodes will require you to reach certain levels with a character or progress through the main story enough.

Most of these Fate Episodes also are purely storytelling-focused, presented in a Visual Novel format. That said, some of them do have unique quests for you to take on. They vary per character and per episode!

You can also see what rewards you get from completing each Fate Episode. As you might notice, most of them just say they give Stats increases. But some of them say they unlock “Slot+”.

Fate Episode with Slot+ Reward

Usually, the Slot+ episodes are Episode 4 and Episode 8 for most characters, though some characters might be an exception to this rule.

Either way, though, just complete any Fate Episode with the Slot+ reward and you’ll get one additional Sigil Slot for the character.

You can get two extra Sigil Slots from these Fate Episodes, for a total of 5. But, that’s far from the end, as you can actually get up to 12 Sigil Slots in total!

Getting Up To 12 Sigil Slots

Get even more slots!

Besides the Fate Episodes, you can also get extra Sigil Slots from certain nodes in each character’s skill tree, known as Masteries.

Your characters gain Mastery Points as they level up, for the most part. You can then freely spend those Mastery Points to unlock nodes in the Masteries, strengthening the character.

Some of those nodes, of course, include the Slot+ upgrade for extra Sigil Slots!

Masteries tree

That said, most of the Masteries that give you new Sigil Slots are reserved for the endgame. You will need to beat the game before you even think of reaching the limit of 12 Sigil Slots.

If you want more information about the endgame content, we have a guide all about it.

Unlock Sigil Slot Mastery

The short version, though, is that beating the game will unlock harder versions of certain quests. Completing these harder quests will then unlock extra difficulties.

Each new difficulty will, in turn, unlock even more Masteries nodes. You will need to reach the final difficulty, Proud, if you want to get the maximum amount of Sigil Slots!

That’s going to be an arduous journey for sure, but now you at least know what it is you need to do to unlock more Sigil Slots. Good luck out there, Skyfarer!

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