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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Difference Between Synergy Skills and Synergy Abilities

Why are their names so confusing!?




Synergy Skills and Synergy Abilities might sound the same in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but there’s a huge difference between both types of moves. It doesn’t help that skill and ability are synonyms…

Both of them are Synergy moves, sure. That means they both rely on combining the power of two different party members. However, that’s basically the only thing they have in common.

In this guide, we’ll break down what Synergy Skills and Synergy Abilities are to help you see what the difference between them is. We’ll heal your Confusion status effect in real life!

What Is The Difference Between Synergy Skills and Synergy Abilities

As we said in the preface of this guide, the best way to notice the difference between both Synergy commands is to just go over what they are individually.

The differences will be obvious once you understand what they each are!

What are Synergy Skills?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Difference Between Synergy Skills and Synergy Abilities - Synergy Skills

Synergy Skills are the most basic of the two Synergy functions.

These powerful cooperative abilities can be used at any moment by holding R1 and pressing one of the four face buttons, with each one resulting in a different Synergy Skill.

Equipping Synergy Skills

Do keep in mind that you have to set them outside of battle by using the Combat Settings menu. You can slot two Offensive Synergy Skills and two Defensive Synergy Skills.

Synergy Skills also have no ATB or MP costs and are actually one of the best ways to charge up ATB quickly.

Cloud and Barret using Bullet Batter

Which Synergy Skill you can use will depend on what party member you’re controlling, as well as what other party members are active.

For example, controlling Cloud while Red XIII is active will allow you to use Howling Smash. This unique Synergy Skill makes Red XIII throw a magical projectile, which Cloud bats towards foes!

Other Synergy Skills can make up for the weaknesses of certain characters, too. Using Aerith’s Heavenly Ascent with Tifa is a must if you want Tifa to fight aerial foes, as an example.

Preview of Synergy Skills when paused

Lastly, you can press the Touchpad while holding R1 to pause combat and display what your current Synergy Skills do.

Considering their lack of costs and power, you would do well to use Synergy Skills whenever possible!

What are Synergy Abilities?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Difference Between Synergy Skills and Synergy Abilities - Synergy Abilities

Synergy Abilities are the opposite of Synergy Skills: they are much more limited, but also much more powerful.

You can only use Synergy Abilities once you charge up a certain amount of Synergy. You charge up Synergy by certain ATB Commands, you can tell thanks to the square mark next to them.

Synergy charges

To see your current amount of Synergy, just look for the rectangles under your characters’ ATB Gauge. Lit blue rectangles are available for use. Empty rectangles are, well, empty!

Using Synergy Abilities in Tactical Mode

You can use Synergy Abilities by pressing X during combat to bring up the Commands Menu in Tactical Mode. Simply select Synergy Abilities from the Command list!

Synergy Abilities depend entirely on the character pairing. For example, Cloud will have a different Synergy Ability with Red XIII than he will with Aerith.

There’s only one Synergy Ability per character pairing, however!

In addition to their impressive damage, Synergy Abilities can also apply a variety of buffs such as giving you unlimited MP for a period of time.

Cloud and Barret Synergy Ability - Partners in Pain

It’s also worth noting that the cost of Synergy Abilities increases if you use the same one constantly. Just like the game advises, it’s best to switch them up instead of spamming the same one over and over.

In summary, Synergy Abilities are powerful but limited tag team attacks done by two party members. Huge damage and buffs make them capable of turning the tide of battle in your favor!

The party wins due to their new knowledge about Synergy commands.

With all that said, you should know the difference between Synergy Skills and Synergy Abilities.

Synergy Skills are weaker and can be used for free, while Synergy Abilities require charges but are much stronger. Use both to emerge victorious in this enthralling reimagining of a classic JRPG!

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