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Farlight 84: Ultimate Movement Guide

Dominate the battlefield by mastering various movement tricks.




Movement plays a key role in winning matches in Farlight 84. The more mobile you are, the easier it will be to catch your enemies off-guard and take them out by surprise.

However, if you want to master the art of movement in the game, you need to learn a handful of tips and tricks that will help you do so.

We’ll cover some of them in this guide. Let’s get started.

Ultimate Movement Guide in Farlight 84

Source: FKLzz

One of the most basic movement tips you’d want to learn is crouching.

While it’s a very fundamental move, the good thing about crouching is that it actually lets you remove your footsteps.

Since footsteps can give away your location to your enemies, removing them allows you to take them out by surprise since they won’t know you’re actually close to them.

Aside from that, you can also spam crouch as a means of getting away from enemies. This is really useful if you find yourself in a situation where escaping is the only option.

You can pair it with the jump spam method to get out of any situation real quickly.

Another important movement technique you should learn is to use your jetpack when going through windows. Instead of manually vaulting over them, you can use this trick to save you a lot of time.

Source: FKLzz

Besides, it keeps your gun at the ready which allows you to go into battle mode right away in case enemies are nearby.

When it comes to traversal in the open, you’ll be able to find several launch pads scattered all around the place. Normally, you can go near them to launch you up in the air.

However, you can actually use your jetpack as you approach the launch pad. This will launch you to even further distances which can be really useful to cover a lot more ground.

Then again, you can use it to get away from enemies or chase them.

Alternatively, you can also punch a launch pad as you get onto it. This allows the pad to launch you straight upward which can be useful in certain situations.

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