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Elden Ring: How to Defeat the Fire Giant Fast

The Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring is notoriously hard due to the game’s wonky camera, the boss’ high health pool, and seemingly absurd damage. Nonetheless, there are several ways to beat it quickly and easily.




There have been a lot of players who were struggling against the Fire Giant boss in Elden Ring. It’s a late-game boss you’ll encounter in the Mountaintops of the Giants. What makes this boss particularly hard for a lot of players is its tremendously high HP and attacks that seem to deal a lot of damage.

What’s even worse is that your camera will be working against you throughout the fight. I personally struggled with the boss before, until I found out that he’s actually weak to Frost damage, so I just spammed the Hoarfrost Stomp ash of war to beat him.

Unfortunately, that skill’s been nerfed to the ground, so you’ll have to use other tactics to beat it. While a lot of players resorted to cheesing the boss, there are actually a couple of ways to beat him fair and square. This guide will cover that one particular strategy.

How to Defeat the Fire Giant Fast in Elden Ring

You have to keep in mind that the Fire Giant is a mandatory boss. Hence, you’ll have to defeat him to progress the story. In other words, you have to actually “git gud” at this part, unless of course if you choose to go the cheese route.

In this strategy, you’ll want to use the Antspur Rapier, upgrade it to the highest level possible, then add a Poison affinity to it. Since the Antspur Rapier has an innate Scarlet Rot buildup, just a few attacks using this weapon will allow you to inflict Scarlet Rot on the Fire Giant.

You also want to apply the Seppuku ash of war into it, then make sure to activate it after entering the arena to gain blood loss buildup on your attacks.

Choosing the Right Gear

To maximize your damage, you want to wear the Kindred of Rot’s Exultation to boss your damage by 20% whenever you inflict Poison or Scarlet Rot to nearby enemies. Since you can easily apply those two status effects, that means you can benefit from the damage increase which lasts for approximately 20 seconds.

Then, you also want to wear the Lord of Blood’s Exultation for yet another 20% damage increase each time you inflict bleed on the Fire Giant. This stacks with the buff from the Kindred of Rot’s Exultation, giving you a total damage increase of 40% once you proc all three status effects.

Lastly, you want to wear the Mushroom Crown headpiece for an extra 10% damage increase when applying poison or rot to your target. This will stack with the previous talismans for a total of 50% increase in damage. Alternatively, you can wear the White Mask headpiece which gives the same 10% damage increase but activates when you inflict blood loss.

Now that you’ve got your gear, you can head to the boss arena. I recommend using the Mimic Tear summon so you can have a copy of your proccing bleed on the boss. Also, if you’ve followed Iron Fist Alexander’s questline, you should be able to find his summon sign just a short distance from the fog gate.

During his first phase, you’ll want to target his left leg until the locks are broken, then simply attack him while avoiding his attacks until he gets down to 50% HP, which is when the second phase starts.

You don’t want to lock onto him during this phase. Simply stay behind him or just right next to one of his thighs, then have Alexander or your summon take the aggro. Whenever he performs an AOE spell, get away as far as possible then re-engage once the spell is over.

With Poison, Scarlet Rot, and Blood Loss being inflicted on the boss throughout the duration of the fight, while having your summon or Alexander take aggro, you should be able to take down the Fire Giant as quickly as possible.

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