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Dungeonborne: How to Kill Wendigo | Puzzle Guide

The hardest challenge yet!




You will encounter tons of different monsters and creatures in Dungeonborne, but almost none compare to the Wendigo. This formidable enemy is a boss you will face within dungeon depths, and defeating it will require all that you have to offer.

It may be a challenging fight, but beating the Wendigo will reward you handsomely. Our guide will show you the best way to take on the Wendigo in Dungeonborne.

How to Kill Wendigo

The Wendigo is an extremely difficult fight for a multitude of different reasons. Starting off with its health, the Wendigo is the tankiest boss in the game, as it has the highest health pool. Other than that, it is also extremely fast and packs quite a punch.

A tanky, fast, and hard-hitting boss is already hard enough, but on top of that, you will also have to deal with ranged damage during this boss fight in the form of the boss’ totems. Other than the reward after the boss, you can also get some useful loot before the actual fight.

For a tough encounter like the Wendigo, it’s important you have strong gear going in. Other than your gear, having the right mix of classes in your party is also essential. Nailing down the basics will not only help you against the Wendigo, and any other boss in the game.

Chest Before Wendigo Fight

locked chest with 3 symbols on it

Before you make your way to the Wendio boss arena, you will encounter the chest seen in the image above. This chest will have 3 different glowing symbols on it and will be locked.

one of the chest symbols you have to destroy

To open the locked chest, you will need to find and destroy a copy of the 3 chest symbols. The symbols you need to destroy will be found in the same area as the chest and can be destroyed by simply hitting them.

the open chest after destroying all 3 symbols

Once you destroy all 3 symbols, make your way back to the chest and you will find it open. Besides this special chest, there is also a ton of other loot lying around in this area. Take what you need before you make your way to the Wendigo fight.

Wendigo Fight

Our guide focuses on taking the Wendigo alongside 2 other players. Having the most amount of allies in an encounter such as this greatly increases your chances of succeeding.

wendigo in the center of the arena

Starting the fight off well is very important, especially against a strong enemy like the Wendigo. When you enter the arena, you will see the Wendigo in a stationary position at the center of the arena. You can use this to your advantage by using items that can deal high damage such as bombs.

Once the boss takes any damage, it will start running towards the person who dealt the damage. Switching aggro in this fight is a good way to take the boss on. If the Wendigo is focused on one person, the others can deal damage to it from behind.

the totems inside the wendigo arena

At the center of the arena, you will find a number of totems like the ones in the image above. These totems are extremely dangerous as they will hurl fireballs and ice pellets at you during the fight.

With multiple players in the fight, the people who are not being chased by the Wendigo can destroy these totems. You won’t be able to destroy all of them instantly, so keep chipping away at them during the whole fight.

Exiting the Dungeon

The danger isn’t completely over even after defeating the boss. You still need to exit the arena after beating the Wendigo and claiming your reward.

portal you need to activate to get out of the dungeon

To get out of here, you will need to use portals you will find across the whole dungeon area. You have a limited amount of time to find these portals and get out.

These portals can spawn in a number of locations, but there are a total of 4 portals you can use. One portal can only be used by a single person, so it is important you find at least 2 more.

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