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Death Must Die: What Is The Fishing Set/Pole?

Stop wondering! I’ve got the answer.

Christian Gallos



Death Must Die: What Is The Fishing Set/Pole? Featured Image

While playing Death Must Die, you must have noticed a notification saying, “Unlocked fishing” and you get the Fishing Pole. However, you look at your base and you can’t find it, which leaves you wondering, “What is even the Fishing Pole?” and “What is it for?”

What Is The Fishing Set/Pole?

At the moment, you’ll spot it near the campfire, serving as simply a decoration. However, there’s a growing speculation among players that it might transition into a functional in-game feature in the future.

I anticipate that in the near future, players will likely have the opportunity to catch a variety of weird and quirky “fishes.” Each fish may potentially hold significant importance for in-game progression. This is even more likely considering there are actual bodies of water in the game.

The thing is this scenario seems very familiar to a feature in Hades. In Hades, a fishing set initially had no practical function but was later updated to incorporate a meaningful gameplay element.

For the meantime, why don’t you try to finish up a run. We have a guide for that you might want to check out: Death Must Die: How To Finish A Run Guide + Tips & Tricks.

Death Must Die: What Is The Fishing Set/Pole?

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