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Death Must Die: How To Finish A Run Guide + Tips & Tricks

Can’t even get past the slimes? Let me help you out.

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Death Must Die: How To Finish A Run Guide + Tips & Tricks Featured Image

While Death Must Die may seem like mindless chaos slashing through hordes of enemies, there’s more to it. The game features a thrilling experience as you descend into the Nether, wielding powers to face off against undead minions, unlock heroes, collect powerful items, and create game-breaking synergies.

That said, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the content, especially the end boss! That’s why in this guide, I’ll show you how to finish a run, as well as give you some useful tips to help you succeed.

How To Finish A Run Guide + Tips & Tricks

As of now, it’s safe to say that completing a successful run in Death Must Die kinda relies on RNG. You would want to know which blessings and items are the best.

First, Mort is a must have. In fact, it has Lifelink, which is easily the most overpowered thing in the game right now.

You’ll need the Lifelink dash upgrade for your survivability and DPS. Personally, I find the Ravens or Ghosts particularly effective for inflicting curses. Pair this with a perk that grants a permanent damage boost for every cursed enemy you dispatch.

Additionally, it’s crucial to scout for a Hunt shrine to secure a 13% chance of refreshing your dash with each attack, which synergizes with Lifelink.

Death Must Die Lifelink

Up next, you’d want to invest on all the suvivability and sustain from Justice. This will be vital on making sure you survive, while having enough damage to kill all the elite waves and bosses.

Defeating the End boss becomes a breeze with Mort and Justice. Also, you might want to check out this Death Must Die: Most Broken Build For Maximum Difficulty.

However, you can also try using “The Sign of the Lizard” from Skadi, which provides a steady regeneration of 2.4 per second. Regardless of which setup you come up with your DPS, Skadi will be enough without relying on Mort and Justice.

Death Must Die Gameplay

There you have it! It’s worth noting that unfortunately, around 80% of the God Powers right now are not doing good. And you’ll have to pretty much rely on getting all the mentioned powers if you want to finish a run.

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