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Death Must Die: Most Broken Build For Maximum Difficulty

What, like it’s hard?

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Death Must Die: Most Broken Build For Maximum Difficulty Featured Image

Unlock new heroes, collect powerful items, and slay hordes of minions in Death Must Die. Death Must Die is a new action hack survivor roguelite developed by indie game company Realm Archive that features multiple characters, buffs, mythical creatures, and a perilous journey to The High Mount in search of Death.

As with all roguelites, Death Must Die’s main appeal is customizing your character’s build to beat the game at varying difficulty levels. The game boasts an extensive item list to customize your character to their best potential and offers pets and blessings you can roll in the game.

Gaming With Jeff generously shows us how he built his character to beat the hardest difficulty in the game. The video is a little over 45 minutes long and gives you an in-depth breakdown of his build; but to save you some time, we’ve summed it up for you. Read below to find out what build can beat the maximum difficulty in Death Must Die.

Build to Beat Maximum Difficulty in Death Must Die

Seen below is what to expect from the game at max difficulty: players will not be able to heal while bosses and elite enemies will have increased mobility, damage, and HP. You also won’t be able to collect drops from enemies and item rarity is drastically increased.

Death Must Die Build to Beat Maximum Difficulty in Death Must Die

The developers have mentioned on Discord that the difficulty is meant to be unbeatable, but there’s still a way to give yourself a fighting chance for those who choose to brave it.


Kront is a dual-wielding Barbarian who attacks through hordes with ease. He’s one of the slower characters in the game and lends himself to a more aggressive playstyle. Equip The Sign of the Mountain to give him an additional 222 HP.

This means you won’t be doing as much damage, but this will increase your survivability since you can’t heal on this difficulty level.

Using Kront is important because some of the gear in this build is exclusive to the Barbarian.

Death Must Die Kront


Equipping the right gear at the start of the run will buff your character and improve your chances of surviving.

Keep in mind that the goal isn’t necessarily to do damage but to stay alive as long as possible. Gaming With Jeff does this by equipping items that increase the chance of Legend offers

The Onyx Dragon Runestone of Exile

This item calls the Onyx dragon to fight alongside you. Onyx applies Cursed and Corrosion to oncoming enemies and will be the main damage dealer of your build.

Additionally, equipping the Onyx Dragon Runestone of Exile gives you +2 Banish Dice. According to Gaming with Jeff, Onyx is essential for any build

Death Must Die The Onyx Dragon Runestone of Exile

Revision Kabuto of Fable

The Revision Kabuto of Fable is an Epic heavy starting armor that offers +30% Legend offers.

Learner’s Ring of Summoning

The Learner’s Ring of Summoning is an Epic ring that offers +12.8% Summon Damage, +1 Banish Dice, and +19.2% Adept offers.

Wise Breastplate of Magnetism

The Wise Breastplate of Magnetism is an Epic heavy torso armor that offers a +660 Shard Pull Area and an extra 44.2% experience gain.

Magnetic Amulet of Revision

The Magnetic Amulet of Revision is a Mythic amulet that offers multiple buffs. This includes:

  • +6.6 Spell Damage
  • +1.6% Attack Critical Chance
  • +570 Shard Pull Area
  • +0.7 Passive Experience Gain per Second
  • +2 Reroll Dice
  • +4 more Expert offers

Powerful Axe of Steal

The Powerful Axe of Steal is a Mythic weapon exclusive to Kront. The weapon deals a range of 48-69 Damage, as well as:

  • +5.2% Chance to Heal 1 Life on Hit 
  • +19.2% Enemy Stun Thresholds
  • +42% Attack Damage
  • +6% Attack Critical Chance
  • +24% Summon Damage
  • +3 Reroll Dice

The Powerful Axe of Steal also grants Wind Fervor, which gives you an additional 3% chance of an additional attack.

Death Must Die Powerful Axe of Steal

Hasted Greaves

Hasted Greaves is an Epic heavy foot armor that grants +40 Movement Speed to better evade enemy hoards.

Magnetic Gauntlets of Alacrity

The Magnetic Gauntlets of Alacrity is a Rare heavy hand armor with well-rounded stats. The main perks of the gauntlets are 11 Armor, +3.5% Faster Cooldowns, and +210 Shard Pull Area.

Streetwise Girdle

The Streetwise Girdle is a Mythic heavy waist armor that grants 11 Armor and +1.9 Passive Experience Gain per Second. The latter will be important as you proceed through the levels.

Death Must Die Gameplay


The only downside of the build is that it doesn’t have Alteration Dice, so players are stuck with the Gods that are given.

However, if you roll Master and Legend blessings, you’ll have a better chance of staying alive. The key is to choose Blessings wisely and use the Banish and Reroll features when needed. 

Gaming With Jeff focuses on armor buffs and passive blessings. Some notable blessings to keep in mind are the Day of Judgment from Lady Justice which clears enemies periodically and Execution from Mort.  He also recommends skill cooldowns from the god Leigong. 

Death Must Die Blessings Lady Justice

There you have it! Gaming With Jeff manages to last 11 minutes on what’s supposed to be an unbeatable setting with this build, so it should get you decently far on maximum difficulty. Big thanks again to him for the detailed video.

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