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AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative Quiz King Trophy Guide | Amame’s Quiz Solution

There are several trophies you can earn in AI: The Somnium Files. One of them is the Quiz King trophy which you can obtain by answering Amame’s quiz.




The Amame’s Somnium quiz takes place in Amame’s Somnium. To obtain the Quiz King trophy, you have to correctly answer all of the questions that are part of the quiz. If you haven’t obtained the trophy yet, then this guide is for you.

Quiz King Trophy Guide in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative

The Amame’s Somnium quiz has a handful of different questions you need to answer and stages to complete. In the first room, you will need to correctly answer the first 3 questions which are part of the Scavenger Quiz. For this quiz, you’ll need to correctly guess the music that is playing in the background.

For the first “question”, the background music is Symphony No. 9. As such, you need to examine the table with the number 9 on it to give the answer which is Vokeman. As for the second “question”, the background music is Symphony No. 5, which means you need to examine table number 5 which has the Elephant Trinket as the answer.

For the third “question”, you need to examine the letter G alongside the robot for the answer which is One-Wheeled Robot.

After successfully completing the quiz, you will then proceed to the second stage.

Occult Quiz

The second stage is the Occult Quiz. Here, the quizmaster will give you a chart showing two groups of words. She’ll then ask you a question, but the real answer won’t be in any of the given words. Instead, you have to type it manually and you are also given some hints to the answer.

As for the first question, the answer is Freemasons. For the second question, the answer is Chupacabra, and for the third question, the answer is Subliminal. After completing stage two, you’ll then proceed to the third stage.

Spot the Difference

In this stage, you’ll find four monitors showing something different from the things you see in your surroundings. To clear this stage, you need to pick four things that are different. The answers are as follows:

  • Blue figure cut in half
  • Mizuki’s corpse
  • Kizuna’s corpse
  • Torn magazine

You don’t really need to find them in the correct order.

Ultimate 50/50 and Find the Truth

After solving the third stage, the final two stages involve a lot of gimmicks. In fact, there’s no actual correct answer as any answer you give is correct. Once you have cleared all of the stages, you will then earn the Quiz king trophy.

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