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Wayfinder: Everything You Need to Know | Classes, Combat, and More

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The closed beta version of Wayfinder is already available on different platforms. With that, a lot of players have been getting the taste of excitement by participating in hunts and expeditions.

So far, the game is still in the development phase to give you the best experience in your future game adventures.

Having said that, we are here to tell you everything that you need to learn and understand once you step foot in the world of Wayfinder.

Everything You Need to Know About Wayfinder

Source: Fextralife

As you enter the open world of Wayfinder, you will encounter different scenarios which need your decision-making skills.

However, to properly make a sound decision, you must first understand the mechanics of the game.

We’ll go over the character classes, progressions, combats, and other expeditions.

Character Classes

Source: Fextralife

At the start of the game, you will have three different characters of different classes to choose from. These are Wingrave the Warmaster, Silo the Survivalist, and Niss the Arcanist.

Wingrave is the tank/healer in the game. He has multiple skills that can heal allies, and he can also deal a great amount of damage at the same time.

Silo, on the other hand, is the fragger of the team. With his skills, you can easily do collateral damage to enemies. His bombs and other explosives also inflict additional damage to enemies over time.

Meanwhile, Niss is an assassin who can lurk in the shadows and get an easy kill on an enemy. Her skills allow you to perform different combos on your targets.

Source: Fextralife

To get the other characters, you have to earn and collect a specific amount of gold to purchase them. Aside from gold, you must also collect memories from farming bosses.

You might notice that each character class provides you with a starting weapon. But don’t worry as you can still change them as you progress.

As you unlock the Mastery, you will also get the chance to choose from three different weapon types. You can get these by spending memory fragments.

Character Progression

One of the best things in Wayfinder is the character Loadout tab due to how convenient it is and easy to understand.

Here, you can check your character level, equipped weapon, as well as relics and consumables.

You can also find Echoes that you can fuse together in order to further improve your battle performance. These fragments are randomly obtained as drops after each expedition and combat you participate in.

Enhancing your Echo capacity is also essential for you to increase your character’s skill capacity.

You can also directly tweak your weapon stats if you have enough gold and materials. This way, you can even customize your build however you want.

Combat Mechanics

Combat in Wayfinder has a fast-paced style. Aside from that, you can incorporate the difficulties and imbuements that can improve the game’s performance.

These imbuements can modify your enemies’ performance which can significantly change the way you interact with them. So if you are more into playing hard mode, this is perfect for you.

Also, your stamina is one of the most important features in combat. When you are in a battle, you must always be mindful of your stamina since it can easily get used and depleted, especially if you are fighting with an enemy boss.

Just keep in mind that every move you make uses stamina.

Other Expeditions

Since the game is still in closed beta, there are only two main towns available so far. These are Skylight and Highland. With that, you can only encounter and interact with a few NPC and creatures as you roam the world.

However, there are two available activities that you can join in the closed beta. Namely, these are the expeditions and hunts.

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