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Genshin Impact: What is the Secret Message in Letter HIDDEN in Chasm

The new location in Genshin Impact, called the Chasm, is full of mystery and danger. You can find a mysterious letter in a secret room when you explore the place.




Genshin Impact is famous for having a lore-filled history that is so well-written that almost everything you see in the game can hint at what previously happened in the past. These tidbits of information can be considered clues to what previously happened that affected the seven nations of Teyvat. The newly released Chasm, especially, is home to many mysteries. One of which is the Mysterious Letter found in a secret room.

What is the Secret Message in Letter Hidden in Chasm in Genshin Impact

The Mysterious Letter is located inside a secret room that you need to unlock at the Underground Mines situated in the Chasm. However, the letter is encrypted, and only one line can be seen by the player.

It is later revealed that every player has access to different lines, and compiling them will show a message. In essence, Hoyolab, the developer of Genshin Impact, wants its players to collaborate and help one another, promoting camaraderie and teamwork at the same time.

Secret Message

After compiling every line found in the Mysterious Letter, players were greated by a message written in a different language. Once translated, it seems to be a reference to an actual Latin poem by Catullus, but the lines were written in a way that fits in Genshin’s Lore.

The poem is about searching for a friend regardless of what happens. Venti was also mentioned in the second line, where it speaks of the Lyre of Barbatos. The letter could hint at the Traveler and his quest to find his sister.

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