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Dragon Age Dreadwolf Has God of War-Inspired Combat

Sounds pretty sick if this is true.




Dragon Age Dreadwolf Has God of War Inspired Combat

For the longest time, we have been curious about the elusive development of the next game in the Dragon Age series, Dreadwolf. Despite BioWare’s confirmation of its creation, a release date and gameplay details remain a secret. However, recent events suggest that we might finally have a glimpse of what’s in store.

On the subreddit dedicated to Dragon Age, a user shared screenshots from a supposed leaked gameplay video from an alpha test build of Dreadwolf. Unfortunately, the link to the screenshots has since been taken down, along with a GIF that showcased combat. Nevertheless, the text of the post still holds some crucial details. The information was posted in response to an article about insider gaming, which stated that Dreadwolf would be a “hack and slash” game.

The leaked information suggests that BioWare has drawn inspiration from the 2018 hit game, God of War. This has led to the creation of a new real-time combat system, complete with standard combos, special abilities, and an ultimate ability. The animations in Dreadwolf are said to be significantly improved compared to previous BioWare games, bringing the new combat system to life.

Although the prospects of Dreadwolf seem to be promising, it is rumored that the game may not be ready for release this year. This contradicts previous rumors that the game would be released soon. The additional time may be necessary because of the shift away from multiplayer that happened in 2021.

*Please keep in mind that all of the information in this article is based on a leak and should be taken with a grain of salt until official announcements are made by BioWare.

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