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Does My Character’s Progress Transfer Between Servers In Enshrouded?

Nobody wants to start over from scratch!




Enshrouded is looking to be a game with deep character progression systems, so it would be a huge shame if progress didn’t transfer between servers.

After all, nobody wants to have to start from scratch after making lots of progress. But, we all would like to visit other players’ servers for jolly cooperation, too.

So, can we have our cake and eat it too? Well, that’s what we are going to answer with this article!

Does Your Character’s Progress Transfer Between Servers?

Enshrouded Skill Tree

According to the official FAQ in Enshrouded’s Discord server, you can indeed use the same character across various servers.

Most of your progress will transfer across servers, with only a few exceptions. Here’s a list of everything that does transfer:

  • Your entire inventory, including equipment.
  • Your levels and unlocked skills.
  • Your map discovery, such as found locations and cleared fog of war. This is thanks to how the game’s world is generated!
  • All personal crafting recipes you’ve learned. These are the ones that don’t require workbenches.
  • Your previously collected Shroud Roots.
  • All lore texts and tutorials you’ve found.
  • All the Towers you’ve found by yourself.

As you can see, the vast majority of your progress transfers between servers. You’ll feel right at home as you visit other players’ servers and partake in jolly cooperation!

Enshrouded Zombie

However, there are a couple of things that don’t transfer between servers, as follows:

  • All non-personal crafting recipes, as they are dependent on NPCs and crafting stations.
  • The NPCs that you can summon. You’ll have to liberate them again in different servers if they haven’t been freed yet.
  • Towers you didn’t find by yourself. Towers found and shared by other players won’t transfer between servers!

Maybe modders could help integrate these features in the future.

However, these things depending on the world’s state does mean that you won’t necessarily need to obtain them again when visiting other servers.

For example, going to a server that already has all NPCs and crafting stations in place will automatically unlock their recipes for you while you stay on the server.

Nonetheless, now you know what does and doesn’t transfer between servers in Enshrouded.

Also on the note of servers, we looked into whether or not Enshrouded will support PvP for players to fight each other or not!

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